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Zac Efron admits that he neglected to think about his personal life

Zac Efron

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Zac Efron He didn’t spend much time thinking about his life outside of work.

Efron (36 years old) said in an interview with the website, “I am thinking about where I want to build a home base and improve my life.” diverse Posted on Thursday, December 14th. “It’s shocking – sometimes you wake up after shooting three films a year, and you feel like I’ve neglected to think about my personal life for a long time.”

While Efron knows he can always find his family in California, he’s not sure where he wants to put down roots for himself. the High school musical The alum admitted that “growing up” in the industry at a young age influenced how he prioritized his career aspirations over other elements of his life.

“The goal is always the next job, the next movie, making sure everyone is very happy. It can be very lonely sometimes,” he explained to the outlet. “But the process of coming face to face with your emotions, and working with them, was a profound moment in my life. This definitely took me down a different path.

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The actor has described himself as a “perfectionist” while on a range of his different projects, including his latest role in Iron claw.

“The necessity of being perfect became an obsession,” Efron explained of the work he did to portray the wrestler. Kevin Von Erich For the project. “It’s been a singular focus for months. And your life goes out the window during prep.

As Efron grows older, he realizes that “life is too short to worry about being the perfect version of oneself.” Instead, it is “important” for him to stay in touch with his friends and loved ones. One person the former Disney star wishes he spent more time with is the late Matthew Perry, who died in October.

“It’s very important to connect with friends and foster relationships where you can talk and share stories. “I wish in the last couple of years I had the opportunity to do that with Matthew,” Efron admitted. “I hold the time we shared together really dear. “I thought about him a lot every day.”

Zac Efron on Instagram They read to their siblings just like the rest of us

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Efron and Perry worked together in the 2009 film 17 again. Efron played a younger version of Perry’s character. In November, Perry’s friend Athena Crosby revealed to Entertainment tonight That the alum’s friends wanted Efron to play a younger version of himself again in a potential biopic.

In a separate interview, Efron revealed that he would like to play his friend again.

“I think he had me in mind for the role, I mean I would be honored to do it, to be honest,” he admitted. atPointing out that Perry was “the best man in the world.”

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