‘You Talked About My Mama?’: A Closer Look at the Deion Sanders, Jay Norvell Beef -LSB

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Many fans have seen the Colorado/Colorado State rivalry grow on the field, after Deion Sanders’ Buffaloes in double overtime back in September.

There were all the components of a good rivalry game; one coach chirps the other for not collecting his sunglassesa scrum which involved players from both teams before the game, and a very close, overtime game decided by one drive to add to the excitement.

“I said that when I talk to adults, I take off my hat and my glasses. That’s what my mom taught me,” CSU head coach Jay Norvell said before the rivalry game.

Now it has come to light just how personal the beef between Coach Prime and Norvell really got.

A video has surfaced from the Coach Prime series on Amazon Prime, which shows the two coaches meeting to shake hands after the game.

Shedur Sanders, Colorado quarterback and Sanders’ son, tells his father not to put his hands on Norvell. After they shook hands, Norvell said he never talked about Sanders’ family with the sunglasses comment, to which Sanders said, “Oh, you talked about my mom, dog.

“We showed that we will fight,” Sanders said after the game. “We showed that we have no surrender or giving up in us. That’s a lot for a team that’s fairly new.”

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