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Travis Kelsey
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Travis Kelsey34, apologized to Taylor Swift,father, Scott SwiftAfter joining him to watch the singer during one of her performances in Buenos Aires, Argentina Tour of the ages Last weekend. the Kansas City Chiefs The player apologized when discussing the memorable moment where Taylor changed a lyric in her song “Karma” to refer to him and his brother. Jason KelseyDuring the latest episode of their podcast, new Horizons. A now-viral video showed him feeling confused after the lyrical change and seemingly missing the level 5 Scott was trying to give him.

“I was so shocked, I left Scott hanging,” Jason told Travis during the episode. “Yes, Mr. Swift, my apologies, big guy,” Travis replied. “Man, I missed it. I never miss a high five either. It’s the most exciting thing you can do at an event.”

In addition to talking about Scott missing out on the top five, Travis, who has been romantically linked to Taylor since August 2023, admitted that he didn’t really know she was going to mention him in “Karma,” and was shocked when it happened. “I had no idea… well, maybe I had a little bit of a clue, but certainly when I heard it come out of her mouth I was still shocked,” he said.

Taylor’s original lyrics of “Karma is the guy on the screen coming straight home to me” were changed to “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me.” The talented songwriter couldn’t help but laugh a little after singing the line, and she seemed to surprise some of the dancers near her. The epic time on stage was the highlight of the night and seemed to prove how well the romance between the lovebirds worked out.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift performing on the “Eras Tour”. (Casey Flanigan/Image Space/Shutterstock)

During his podcast episode, Travis also admitted that he met Scott at dinner the night before Tour of the ages The concert he attended, and he joked that it may have convinced him to be a Chiefs fan even though he has a reputation for being a die-hard. Philadelphia Eagles a fan.

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