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Who is Rufus Campa of the Crown? 5 things to know about the actor who plays Prince William

Rufus Campa

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Rufus Campa He is set to play a younger version of Prince William In the upcoming sixth and final season of the crown.

The final season will air in two parts, with a total of ten episodes. Based on the British Royal Family, the crown It premiered on Netflix in 2016 and featured an ensemble cast throughout its run.

The first four episodes will begin airing on Thursday, November 16, with the remaining six episodes scheduled to follow on Thursday, December 14. The new season will follow the death of Princess Diana in 1997 and its aftermath. As in Season 5, Diana will play the role of… Elizabeth Debickiwith Dominic West filming King Charles III.

Earlier this year, the series’ producers promised that they would handle Diana’s death carefully.

Season 6 of The Crown will see the wedding of Charles and Camilla

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The Crown is returning for another season, and filming has begun ahead of Season 5’s premiere. Shortly after the sixth season of the Netflix drama began filming in summer 2022, the real Queen Elizabeth II died at the age of 96. Immediately after her death in September 2022, her eldest son, King Charles III, assumed the throne. […]

“There was a very long, very careful conversation about how we did it — and I hope, you know, the audience will judge it at the end, but I think it’s been carefully and thoughtfully reconstructed,” executive producer Susan Mackey he said in August at the Edinburgh Television Festival. “We are thoughtful people and we are sensitive people.”

Later episodes of the season will focus on the younger generation, including William W Princess Kate Middletonplayed before And Bellamy. while Ed McPhee He will portray William in his teenage and adult years, and Campa will play the 15-year-old prince.

“In the first half of season six, you had to feel like Harry and William were boys, not young men,” Mackey said via Netflix, adding that she praised Campa’s ability to play William at a vulnerable age and still bring some sparkle. “William has good looks and a charismatic presence, so I wanted someone with that presence.”

Scroll down to learn more about it the crownWilliam the Younger:

1. How did Rufus Campa start acting?

Kampa has an extensive list of theatrical credits. He made his professional debut in London’s West End in 2019 The Secret Diaries of Adrian Moll 13 3/4s: The Musical He has since starred in other productions including First dates. He is also an alumnus of the British Theater Academy.

Who is Rufus Campa of the Crown? 5 things to know about the actor who plays Prince William
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2. How was Rufus Campa chosen to star in The Crown?

Kampa submitted self-recorded videos after an open call on social media and was auditioned by casting directors, according to Deadline.

3. Is this Rufus Campa’s first film role in The Crown?

Kampa will make his on-screen debut in the crown. exit Christian Shucho Campa has been called “the most intelligent actor you can imagine”.

“He’s only 16 years old, but you can accurately talk about the emotional arc of this character and what each scene should be like,” Chocho told Netflix.

4. Were there any glimpses of Rufus Campa in The Crown?

Campa was spotted on the set of the crown In Spain alongside his on-screen mother Debicki. It was believed the pair were reliving an infamous 1997 trip to Saint-Tropez with Diana’s then-boyfriend, Dodi Fayed (played by Khalid Abdulla) And Prince Harry.

Who is Rufus Campa of the Crown? 5 things to know about the actor who plays Prince William
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5. How do Rufus Campa’s colleagues feel about working with him?

Debicki surged to the championship alongside Campa and… Flynn Edwardswho is set to play a younger version of Harry.

“They’re very smart, smarter than me, and they’re funny, and they’re very nice,” she told Netflix. “They’re kind of like how they feel on screen. They’re so connected to each other, and I wanted so badly for them to like me. I think that was pretty much what was happening on screen as well.”

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