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Miss Universe 2023: Shenise Palacios from Nicaragua wins
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congratulations! Shenis Palacios She was crowned Miss Universe 2023 on Saturday, November 18, making her the first Nicaraguan woman to win the prestigious title.

The 23-year-old defeated 83 other candidates during the 72nd annual beauty pageant, which was held in San Salvador, El Salvador. Miss Thailand Antonia Bursild He won second place.

Miss Nicaragua Chienice Palacios reacts after being crowned Miss Universe during the coronation ceremony in San Salvador, El Salvador, on November 18, 2023. Palacios became the first Central American to win the pageant, succeeding Raboni Gabriel from the United States. Miss Universe 2023, San Salvador, El Salvador – November 19, 2023

Learn all about the upcoming Miss Universe below!

She loves her country

Hailing from Managua, Nicaragua, Shenis often shares photos and videos via Instagram, showing her connection with people across the country. Hours before the competition finals, she wrote a heartfelt letter to the place that has lifted her up over the years.

“My beautiful country, thank you for allowing me to be an ambassador for your culture, your landscape, our identity and our colonial beauty,” she wrote on Instagram. Oh Nicaragua, [it] It would be an honor to scream your name one more night and prove to the universe that home may be small but we are full of big dreams.

She’s a TV presenter

On February 6, Shenice expressed her happiness and gratitude to take on the role of morning host of the show. Until nowShe described her new gig as a “gift from heaven.”

“I was commenting today that if I could talk to 5-year-old Shenice, I wouldn’t believe that in the not too distant future I would be working with big screen characters,” she explained on Instagram. “Wonderful personalities that I saw every morning and who were role models for me.”

She is a mental health advocate

“Her issue this year will be mental health, which stems from her own experience with anxiety,” Shinice’s Miss Universe bio says. “She comes from a country where this issue is rarely addressed, and she started an accessible initiative called ‘Understand Your Mind’, in which she interviews an emotional care specialist for her TV segments. She has also produced events and other audio-visual projects on the topic. Her aim is to Life is working in the service of humanity, by managing a newsroom and producing content and commercials for global brands.

She is a university graduate

The model graduated with a degree in Mass Communication from the University of Latin America in May 2022.

She’s a dog mom

She loves her little ones! She shared photos of Bruce and Baloo attending their “1st birthday” party in February.

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