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The summer she turned beautiful It has been renewed for a third season and all fans can think about is what comes next for Billy, Conrad, and Jeremiah.

The show, which debuted in June 2022, is based on the book series of the same name by the showrunner Jenny Han. The summer she turned beautiful Focuses on the abdomenIf it wasn’t for Tong(who fell into a love triangle where after exploring her feelings for Conrad)Christopher Brainy), began to reconsider whether his brother Jeremiah (Gavin Casalegno), is the perfect match for her.

Aside from Billy’s perspective, viewers also got the chance to see events from other perspectives including Conrad and Jeremiah’s. Belly brother, Stephen (Shawn Kaufman), Mother, Laurel (Jackie Chung(And Taylor’s Best Friend)Wren Spencer) were crucial to the story lines as well.

In the original book trilogy, Billie makes her final choice We will always have summer, which is supposed to serve as inspiration for the show’s third season. However, fans wondered if the show would follow the events of the book series or if there would be changes.

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When will filming start for season 3?

The Summer You Became Beautiful Gavin Casalegno calls the New York Jets for being Team Conrad 3

Gavin Casalegno and Christopher Briney

Courtesy of Prime Video

Photography for The summer she turned beautiful It was initially delayed due to strikes by the WGA and SAG-AFTRA. Depending on when production resumes, Season 3 will likely premiere in 2024.

Which stars will return?

Jenny Han makes -hateful comments- about -the summer she turned pretty- into the cast
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Tong, Brini, Casalegno, Chung, Kaufman and Spencer are expected to return. Rachel Blanchard, who plays Conrad and Jeremiah’s later mother, will likely return in flashback form. It remains unclear whether figures like Cleveland (Alfredo Narciso), Sky (Elsie Fisher), Aunt Julia (Kyra Sedgwick) and cam (David Iacono) appears in Season 3.

Every Taylor Swift song she used the summer she became beautiful

Related: Every Taylor Swift song used in ‘The Summer I Turned Beautiful’

The Summer I Turned Pretty made a statement using Taylor Swift’s discography to highlight pivotal moments throughout the seasons. Viewers — and longtime fans of the original book series — were in for a fun surprise when Season 1 introduced Billie’s (Lola Tong) crush on Conrad (Christopher Prinny) with the help of Swift. […]

Can fans expect Taylor Swift’s music to set the mood in Season 3?

What to know about The Summer I Turned Beautiful, Season 3
Buda Mendes/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

since The summer she turned beautiful Premiered, Hahn discussed incorporating Swift’s extensive discography into key on-screen moments.

The first season used several tracks including “Cruel Summer”, “Lover”, “The Way I Loved You (Taylor’s Version)”, and “This Love (Taylor’s Version)”. Meanwhile, Season 2 raised the bar with nearly twice as many songs as “August,” “Sweet Nothing,” “Delicate (Taylor’s Version),” “Bigger Than the Whole Sky,” and “Exile.”

It’s probably safe to assume that Swift’s music will continue to play a big role in the show.

What is the book’s plot line that inspires season three?

The Summer You Became Beautiful - Fans noticed the scene that hints at the Season 3 moment

Christopher Prinny, Lola Tong and Gavin Casalegno in “The Summer I Turned into a Beauty.”

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The last book in The summer she turned beautiful The trilogy follows Billie through college as she is still dating Jeremiah after her breakup with Conrad. A series of events lead to Billy and Jeremiah becoming engaged – just as Conrad returns to town. Billie must discover what she really wants for her future including whether that means choosing the Fisher brother or leaving them both.

Will Season 3 take direct inspiration from We’ll Always Have Summer?

What to know about The Summer I Turned Beautiful, Season 3
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As speculation mounts about how Season 3 will adapt Han’s source material, Casalegno has previously shown his support for changing the outcome of the central love triangle.

“I feel like there’s a strong chance this could be a possibility,” he said exclusively. Us Weekly in June 2023 about the show potentially straying from the original events in the books. “Obviously I know where [my character Jeremiah] It ends up going and what happens in the end. But I don’t stress that. Because I think Jenny writes it so well that I can get there naturally without having to force it in a certain direction.

What happens to Steven and Taylor?

What to know about The Summer I Turned Beautiful, Season 3
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Season 2 introduced Steven and Taylor as a couple although they were not explored in the books. During an exclusive interview with Us, Kaufman discussed how exciting change was for him to explore.

“I know for me, not having Steven in the books really takes some pressure off my back. It really allows me to put who I think I am into this character versus trying to be something I’m not,” he said. we In August 2023. “I think in terms of Steven and Taylor’s story together, it was a little bit liberating [when] No one even knew it was coming. There is no expectation so I enjoy this scene with my partner.

Kaufman didn’t seem too concerned about Steven and Taylor’s future, adding: “I guess [they can go the] distance. We’re going for speed. I think Steven and Taylor work well together.

For her part, Spencer was also thrilled about how Taylor’s story developed on screen.

“We’ve had multiple conversations with Jenny and… [she has] Such a clear picture in her head. She’s very good at navigating that world and making it completely relatable. “As Sean said, [Stevan and Taylor] grew up together. So, at least from Taylor’s point of view, I loved this guy in every bit of his weird, weird, awkward phase. She is undoubtedly in awe of this person growing up. It’s like if you love someone at every point in their life, it doesn’t go away.

Did Season 2 offer hints about what’s coming next?

Taylor Swift's song Summer is Beautiful
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During the Season 2 finale, which began in August 2023, a flashback sequence showed Susannah (Blanchard) writing letters shortly before her death. Members The summer she turned beautiful The books teach that Susanna’s letters play a major role in… We will always have summer.

6 writing moments we want in Season 3 of

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Fans have really high expectations for how The Summer I Turned Pretty will incorporate the book’s crucial moments into Season 3 — and so do we. The hit Prime Video show, based on the book series of the same name by Jenny Han, focuses on the love triangle between Billy (Lola Tong) and Conrad (Christopher Prinny). […]

Will ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ end after season 3?

6 writing moments we want in Season 3 of
Erika Doss/Prime Video

Although there has been no official announcement about the future of the series, viewers have assumed that the third season may be the last since the book series only contains three novels. However, it looks like Prime Video has plans to expand The summer she turned beautiful being.

“I would say stay tuned, but Jennie’s got some exciting surprises. “So we’re excited for Season 3, and she has a vision for more,” said the head of television at Amazon and MGM Studios. Vernon Sanders He told Deadline in September 2023. “This show will continue to be a big pivot for us, and we definitely have plans to continue to build it out. Jenny has a great vision for where she wants to take all of this, but we’re really hard at work developing complementary pieces.

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