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Regardless of the gifting occasion, you want to wow your mom. She’s spent years of her life providing for you and now you’re in a place where you can *sort of* return the favor.

While she probably won’t say no to a new high-tech vacuum or kitchen appliance (you’ll find a few on this list), make sure you don’t shortchange your mom by only looking at the stereotypical “gifts for mom.” Remember that mothers are real, full human beings beyond being your mothers! Instead, consider gifts that are actually for her and it’s not just related to mom’s oddly gendered pursuits, an all-too-common problem that plagues many a gift guide.


Best gifts for parents: Great gift ideas for moms, dads and guardians

Your mother (or mother figure or mother friend) should bask in her own glory with gifts that make her feel smart, sophisticated, and appreciated. Think what she does when there’s no one to demand her time – then shop for those moments. Here are over 35 ideas to get you started this Black Friday holiday shopping season.

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