Uber Tasks is like Uber Eats, but instead you get completed tasks — 7 tasks the app can do – LSB

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There is an Uber to welcome. There is Uber Eats for food delivery. And now, the high-tech transportation company is experimenting with Uber Tasks, a new service that will let you find drivers willing to run errands for you, according to Bloomberg.

Uber Tasks will take a bite out of market share now dominated by TaskRabbit and Angi, apps that connect users with freelancers willing to handle a chore or two.

What jobs can you use Uber Tasks for?

During the initial testing phase, users can hire gig-economy employees to do the following (although this list is far from exhaustive):

Uber said drivers and couriers will be able to see estimated earnings through the app.

“This small pilot project is the latest way for drivers and couriers to put their skills to work and earn on their own schedule,” an Uber spokesperson said Bloomberg. “We’re always thinking about how to give people more ways to earn with Uber.”

In the coming weeks, Uber plans to launch Uber Tasks in two locations: Fort Myers, Florida and Edmonton, Alberta.

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