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Exclusive: Tim Murtaugh, Trump’s former 2020 campaign communications director, said working with the former president was the “highest honor” of his career, while telling his own “redemption story” in hopes of helping others overcome addiction.

Murtaugh, a political consultant who has worked on numerous national political committees and campaigns, is releasing a new book, “Swing Hard in Case You Hit It,” scheduled for release in April but available for pre-order on Amazon.

Murtaugh’s book will focus on his “escape” from alcoholism to “the top of the political world in the Trump 2020 campaign.”

Tim Murtaugh backstage with Donald Trump

Tim Murtaugh speaks with President Donald Trump before the presidential debate in Nashville, Tennessee, in October 2020. (Tim Murtaugh)

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Murtaugh said his initial idea to write the book came after political opposition researchers contacted reporters in 2019 with stories about his alcohol-related legal problems in what he called an attempt to “damage the Trump campaign with bad stories about my past.”

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“I wanted to tell this story on my terms to get rid of some of these dark times in my life, and hopefully help other alcoholics see that there can be a way for them, too,” Murtaugh told Fox News Digital. “I made it possible thanks to the support of my wife, family and friends; I now have two young sons who have never seen their father have a drink before.”

“My recovery has also allowed me to experience some amazing things about the Trump 2020 campaign, and there are some stories that people have never heard before,” Murtaugh told Fox News Digital. “This is far from an ordinary political book.”

Fox News Digital obtained exclusive excerpts from the book.

Tim Murtaugh's book

“Swing Hard in Case You Hit It” is scheduled for release in April. (Tim Murtaugh)

Murtaugh writes in the introduction that the book “contains some stories from inside Trump’s 2020 presidential re-election campaign, but it is not entirely about that race, or Donald J. Trump, for that matter.”

“It’s about the path I took, starting early in life, and the poor choices I made that ultimately threatened to destroy everything I tried to achieve during my first forty-five years on this planet,” he continues. “It’s about going to prison — twice — because I couldn’t stop drinking alcohol, and it’s about losing my beloved wife, my career, all my self-respect, and still somehow recovering to take the prominent office of President of the United States less than four years later.”

“I am proud to work for President Trump, and proud to have managed communications for his re-election campaign,” Murtaugh adds. “Having this responsibility remains the highest honor of my career.”

Murtaugh’s book is full of stories from Trump’s rallies to Covid, to Election Day 2020, to January 6, 2021, and beyond.

Tim Murtaugh with his grandfather

Tim Murtaugh is seen as a child with his grandfather Danny Murtaugh, who was manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates, circa 1971. (Tim Murtaugh)

The title of his book comes from what his father used to tell him before he left to play baseball growing up: “Swing hard if you hit it.”

Murtaugh is the grandson of Danny Murtaugh, who was manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates and won two World Series.

Murtaugh writes that he “really” hopes his story helps other alcoholics get closer to sobriety.

“I know writing it all down for once definitely helped me continue to avoid drinking, day after day, because I remembered how ridiculous my entire existence used to be,” he says.

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Murtaugh’s book alternates between stories from Trump’s 2020 campaign, his experience leading communications for the former president’s re-election and his time battling alcohol addiction.

Murtaugh had his last drink in May 2015, after alcohol-related legal troubles threatened to send him to prison for nearly three months and “ruin” his professional and personal life. At the time, Murtaugh was working for Rep. Lou Barletta, Republican of Pennsylvania, in Congress as his communications director.

Murtaugh, who has criticized Hunter Biden and his foreign business dealings, says at one point in his book that he never targeted the president’s son for his addiction because he “understands.”


“I never sought to attack Hunter for matters directly related to his addiction, or his condition as an addict,” the book says.

“I knew what it was like to be under the control of a substance, and I wanted to stay away from attacking him because of it,” Murtaugh writes. “But anything related to foreign payments that could have implicated his father was strictly prohibited.”

Swing Hard in Case You Hit It is published by Bombardier Books, an imprint of Post Hill Press.

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