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Jason Kelsey It asks all the questions Swifties want to know. “How does it feel to officially be the guy in the Chiefs’ program?” Jason asks his brother Travis Kelsey During the latest version of new Horizons Podcast. Travis, 34, immediately laughs and brings it up Taylor Swift The song “Karma” and Which A lyrical change in her concert in Argentina.

“I had no idea… well, maybe I had a little clue, but definitely when I heard it come out of her mouth I was still shocked,” Travis says.

Travis was in the audience on Nov. 11 during Taylor’s concert in Buenos Aires when the 33-year-old changed the lyrics to “Karma.” The lyrics are usually: “Karma is the man in the street, who comes right back to me at home.” However, she switched up the words in honor of her man. “Karma is the man coming right back to my house,” Taylor sang. The Kansas City Chiefs couldn’t stop smiling watching Taylor’s performance.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift in concert. (Casey Flanigan/Image Space/Shutterstock)

Jason, 36, reports that Travis “left Scott hanging” with the Big Five after Taylor’s big “karma” moment. Travis says he feels bad about it. “Yes, Mr. Swift, my apologies, big guy,” he said to Jason. “I missed it. I never miss a high five either. Big five man. It’s the most electric thing you can do at an event. So, sorry, Mr. Swift.”

Jason points out that Taylor’s father wore a Kansas City Chiefs lanyard despite being a longtime Philadelphia Eagles fan. “I probably convinced him at dinner the night before when I met him,” Travis admits.

Travis had a break in his NFL schedule, so he traveled to Argentina to support his girl. Taylor and Travis held hands as they walked to the dinner table together after she had to cancel her November 10 concert due to the weather.

After her concert on November 11, Travis was anxiously waiting for Taylor to finish. As soon as the “Lover” singer spotted Travis, she ran into his arms before they shared a passionate kiss. Travis had to return to Kansas City, Missouri, to train, while Taylor returned to New York City. These two are going strong for the holidays!

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