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Donna Kelsey She is the ideal mother for children Travis And Jason Kelsey — but her newfound fame as a parent was something she never saw coming.

“Basically, everyone was very kind. Very respectful,” Donna, 71, said exclusively. Us Weekly on Tuesday, November 14, while promoting its partnership with Ancestry®. “But every now and then, I’ll have someone run into the bathroom after me and I’ll say, ‘Can we wait until we get out of here before you take my picture?’ I really don’t want to have a photo of me in the bathroom. Things like this are kind of funny, and I’m sure everyone realizes that in the public eye.

Although Donna didn’t let fan attention get in the way of her, she was shocked that some people started photographing her without her knowledge. “I went to [see] “I watched a movie and someone took a TikTok clip of me recently and put it online, and I was like, ‘Oh my God,’” she recalled. “So it’s a little unnerving sometimes, but that’s part of it. You take the good with the not-so-good. “It is what it is.”

Travis and Jason Kelsey's mom Donna Kelsey says her craziest fan encounter involves a bathroom selfie 100

Donna Kelsey.

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Donna noted that without public support, her children would not have careers as soccer players. “My kids get paid by cheerleaders. That’s what it’s all about. It’s better to be nice to them,” she explained. “That’s all I tell them.”

Jason, 36, and Travis, 34, have been playing in the NFL for years and became stars after their head-to-head matchup in Super Bowl LVII earlier this year. Jason is the center for the Philadelphia Eagles, who were ultimately defeated by Travis’ Kansas City Chiefs in the February championship game. Travis, meanwhile, is a tight end for his team.

Donna’s fame also rose after her children faced off at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, which was the first time in Super Bowl history that the brothers were against each other. Once Travis started dating Taylor Swift Earlier this fall, the entire family’s popularity increased once again.

Swift, 33, was spotted at several of Travis’ matches starting in September. She was seen talking to Donna and the boys’ father, Ed Kelseywhile rooting for the athlete.

While Donna initially teased that she would “never tell” fans what she and Swift talked about during their first match day encounter, she later told today Show the hosts that they talked about sports.

Ed Kelsey and Donna Kelsey Relationship

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“I was talking about this. You know when the business people come out with the orange gloves on the field? “I was mentioning that when they go like this,” Donna October explained, making a circular motion with her hand, “the commercial ends and they can play again.”

Donna noted at the time that the public’s fascination with their families was “fairly new” and “just one of those things where everyone clearly saw me. I’ve been in the boxes with her and it’s just another thing that has augmented my life.” (Meanwhile, Travis traveled To Argentina in early November to support Swift on it Tour of the ages During the Chiefs farewell game.)

Football players who have brothers also play in the NFL

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No matter who she sits with in the box on Sundays, when it comes to the holidays, Donna cares about her family. Ahead of the Christmas season, Donna teamed up with Ancestry® to learn about her heritage, share and better preserve her family heritage.

“Family is very important to me… and obviously football is family as well. “But I think I was very happy to partner with Ancestry specifically because of some of the new tools they have,” Donna explained to we. “They have the ability to upload photos and recipes and things like that, which really interested me and that’s why I decided to partner with them.”

Travis and Jason Kelsey's mom Donna Kelsey says her craziest fan encounter involves a bathroom selfie 099
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Donna revealed that among her findings on the site, she learned that she had a “hostile trait”, which she said made “very logical”. “I was a runner when I was in high school and I was very fast,” the mother shared. I can beat the boys in middle school. It makes sense that my boys would be able to move quickly on the field as well.

Learn more about what Ancestry® can do for your family before the holidays at

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