Top Merger Stocks Held By Fund Managers, Mid-Q4 2023 (NASDAQ:SGEN) -LSB

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Every quarter, I compile the top 10 stocks held in funds that specialize in merger stocks and share them with our Search Alpha community.

My rules:

  • I only count one share if it is

1) SawingIt is held by 23 funds28% IRR
2) VMwareIt is held by 20 fundsSpecial situation
3) Capri (CPRI)It is held by 17 funds54% IRR
4) Splunk (SPLK)It is held by 16 funds11% IRR
5) Abcam (ABCM)It is held by 15 funds6% IRR
6) Albertsons Companies (ACI)It is held by 13 funds99% IRR
7) Amedisys (AMED)It is held by 10 funds14% IRR
8) PNM resources (PNM)It is held by 9 funds95% IRR
8) Sovos brands (BUF)It is held by 9 funds14% IRR
10) Greenhill (GL)It is held by 8 funds28% IRR

seenLead position in 2 funds
SplunkLead position in 2 funds
VMwareLead position in 2 funds

Chindata Group Holdings Limited (CD)31% of a Fund
seen20% of a fund
Garden therapeutics (ORTX)19% of a Fund
VMware12% of a Fund

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