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Laundry is a household chore that is part of most people’s daily lives. In fact, the average American family does 8 to 10 loads of laundry per week. While it’s important for your clothes to be clean and stain-free, it’s even more important that they smell great. However, not all cleaners are created equal when it comes to leaving a lasting scent behind.

So how can you make sure your clothes smell good between washes? Use appropriate and pleasant laundry detergent Perfume It is the key! Below you’ll find a guide to the 10 best scented laundry detergents so you can keep your clothes odor-free and smelling great.

  1. Loni Bio Laundry Detergent
  2. Laundry sauce laundry detergent capsules
  3. Mrs. Meyer’s Honeysuckle Cleanser
  4. Rinse and refresh Downy, cool cotton
  5. Get Apple Mango Tango Liquid Laundry Detergent
  6. Persil laundry detergent, intense fresh scent
  7. Molly foam, lotus and peony
  8. Seventh generation EasyDose laundry detergent with a refreshing lavender scent
  9. Groove Company Ultra Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent, Citrus and Woods
  10. Tide pods with spring meadow scent
Loni Bio Laundry Detergent
Elm and rye

Loni Bio Laundry Detergent gets your clothes clean and leaves them smelling great without any harmful ingredients. It is ideal for the whole family, especially those with sensitive skin. This is environmentally friendly, Without aromatic smell The cleaner uses natural enzymes to remove tough stains and odors. With 75 loads per bottle, you can have peace of mind that this cleaner will last for weeks.

Laundry sauce laundry detergent capsules
Washing sauce

Laundry Detergent Capsules provide a concentrated, all-in-one detergent solution. Each pre-measured container makes laundry easier and more convenient than ever. These pods are eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and strong against stains and odors. Available in several wonderful scents, including Australian and Indonesian sandalwood PatchouliEgyptian rose and French saffron.

Mrs. Meyer's Honeysuckle Cleanser
Mrs. Mayer

Mrs. Meyer’s Honeysuckle Liquid Laundry Detergent combines powerful cleaning with a delightful, natural floral scent. the Eco-friendly formulaRich in botanical ingredients, it effectively removes stains and leaves fabrics with a fresh scent. Free of harsh chemicals, gentle on clothes and the environment.

Rinse and refresh Downy, cool cotton

Downy Cool Rinse & Fresh Cotton adds a touch of freshness to even the dirtiest clothes. It’s specially formulated for Odor removal and residue, leaving behind a fresh, cottony scent that will leave your closet smelling like fresh laundry for weeks. With this detergent, your clothes will become fresher, softer and brighter.

Get Apple Mango Tango Liquid Laundry Detergent
He wins

Gain Apple Mango Tango Liquid Detergent provides a vibrant and fruity washing experience. This detergent combines the delightful scent of fresh apple and mango with powerful stain-fighting properties. Suitable for all washable fabrics, it is sure to leave your clothes fresh and clean. Gain’s liquid formula ensures easy and effective application for a hint of fragrance in every wash.

Persil laundry detergent, intense fresh scent

Persil Intense Fresh Liquid Detergent delivers a vibrant scent and advanced stain-fighting technology for the toughest loads. This liquid detergent efficiently tackles dirt and odors and is suitable for all fabrics. It can be used in all washing machines and works well in cold water.

Molly foam, lotus and peony
Molly foam

Molly Suds Original Laundry Detergent Powder is formulated using all natural and safe ingredients. The scent of lotus and peony will leave your clothes with a light floral scent between washes. This powder detergent is powerful against stains and odors without using any harsh chemicals or additives like dyes. PhosphateOr optical brighteners.

Seventh Generation Easy Dose Laundry Detergent, with a refreshing lavender scent
Seventh generation

Seventh Generation EasyDose Ultra Concentrated Laundry Detergent is a great choice for anyone looking for an eco-friendly product that smells great. Featuring a biodegradable, plant-based formula, it effectively cleans clothes and leaves no residue behind Soothing lavender scent.

Groove Company Ultra Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent, Citrus and Woods
Grove Company

Grove Collaborative Ultra Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent is a high-performance, ultra-concentrated detergent that removes tough stains and odors without harmful ingredients. This cleanser is 96% bio-based and contains no artificial fragrances, dyes or optical brighteners. Best of all is the long lasting citrus and woods scent that leaves your clothes smelling amazing.

Tide pods with spring meadow scent

Laundry has never been hassle-free with Tide Pods Spring Meadow scent. These pre-measured, three-in-one capsules deliver Tide’s trusted cleaning power, stain removal, and long-lasting floral fragrance.

How did we choose the 10 best scented laundry detergents?

We took into account many factors when ranking the 10 best scented laundry detergents, including:

  • Type of detergent: Most people prefer Liquid detergentSo our top 10 guide contains mostly liquid products.
  • scent: When it comes to household products like laundry detergent, Fragrance is importantThat’s why we’ve included a wide range of scents to choose from.
  • cleverness: We have selected laundry detergents that smell great and are suitable for all fabrics and types of washing machines.


There’s nothing better than reaching into your favorite pair of pants or shirt and knowing that they smell like they just came out of the wash. By using one of these top 10 scented laundry detergents, you can be confident that your clothes will smell amazing.

common questions

What causes odor on clothes?

There are many sources that can cause your clothes to smell bad. Sweat and bacteria are known to cause Body odor That can seep into your clothes, while insufficient rinsing or excess detergent can leave a residue. Moisture and humid conditions promote mold and mildew growth, which can cause your clothes to smell musty.

How do I keep my clothes smelling good?

Keeping your clothes smelling good is easier than you think. To keep your clothes smelling fresh, start with one of the best-smelling laundry detergents. You’ll also need to avoid overloading the washer and dry your clothes well to prevent mold or mildew growth.

After washing, store clean clothes in a clean, dry place. Never leave wet or wet items in laundry baskets. Last but not least, clean your washing machine regularly to keep mold and mildew away.

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