Todd Chrisley refuses to meet Savannah Chrisley’s daughter’s new boyfriend, and he’s ‘totally against it’ – LSB

Todd Chrisley He refuses to meet his daughter Savannah Chrisley’s new boyfriend. Robert Sheaffer.

“You know, my father is very against it just because he won’t see me in this atmosphere and this environment, and I feel like it’s a kind of male pride,” Savannah, 26, said. Entertainment tonight On November 9th.

Todd, 54, and his wife Julie Chrisley They were convicted in November 2022 of 12 cases related to tax evasion, bank and wire fraud. Todd was initially serving 12 years behind bars until his sentence was reduced to 10 years. Jolie was originally serving a seven-year prison sentence, but her sentence was reduced by 14 months.

the Chrisley knows best The stars share the savannah as well as the children Chasing And Grayson. Todd also participates Lindsay And Kyle With an ex-wife.

Savannah and Shiver went Instagram official the week before, when she posted sweet snaps of the pair, including one of them kissing. “Sometimes…it just works out ❤️,” she captioned her post.

Savannah Chrisley kicks off relationship with Robert Schiffer with PDA-filled photos
Courtesy of Savannah Chrisley/Instagram (2)

“My mom is very interested in this because she says, ‘Hey, if you guys end up together, I need to meet him,’” she said. “I sent her pictures of us, and obviously she’s heard all the stories, so she’s living vicariously through me. So he will definitely meet my mom for sure. Who knows about Dad, but like I said, I’m hoping things work out for us and they’ll be home sooner rather than later.

For her part, Savannah told the outlet that she misses talking to her father about her dating life.

“He and I talked about anyone I dated, like I told them everything,” she shared. “So, I crave those conversations – to have them, to tell him all the wonderful things that are going on in my relationship and how great Robert is and how he responded to certain situations; Masculinity from me.

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Let the cameras roll. “Chrisley Knows Best” is certainly not without drama, but its stars have been at the center of more controversy than any one reality show can handle. Fans met Todd Chrisley, Julie Chrisley and their children – Chase, Savannah and Grayson – when the series premiered on USA Network in March 2014. […]

As for her new relationship, Savannah said the reaction was “95 percent positive,” but they were met with some criticism. Her new lover is still married to his estranged wife. Lindsay Schiffer, who allegedly conspired to kill him by hiring a hitman. The couple filed for divorce in April.

“Everything that happens in his life can go on for years, you know? I say, ‘He filed for divorce.’ Like, I get it, yeah, I would love for him to be legally divorced but, what’s he supposed to do? Wait two or three years for Are you able to move forward?’ Savannah admitted. ‘That’s the hard part, just hearing all the criticism coming my way.’

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