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Tinder is rolling out some new features in the midst of dating season, the time of year when singles are looking for a partner for the holidays (until Valentine’s Day, that is).

In an effort to inject more personality into user profiles, Tinder may seem… a bit more like similar dating app Hinge. One of the new features is profile prompts to act as conversation starters. Dating app lovers will know that prompts are a big part of Hinge, and they revealed the most successful prompts earlier this year. Hinge’s top three are “The way to win me over is…”; “My Simple Pleasures”; and “I’m crazy about…” According to Tinder’s press release, the most popular prompts globally are “The key to my heart is…”; “The first item on my bucket list is…”; and “Two Truths and a Lie”.


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Tinder also rolls out basic info tags so you can easily pass on information like having pets or drinking habits. This will make the app more like Hinge and Bumble, which have had these tagging features for quite some time.

This isn’t the Tinder of 10 years ago. The new set of features comes from an evolving need for authenticity, depth and a desire for relationships that go beyond the surface, Tinder Chief Product Officer Mark Van Ryswyk said in the press release. “With these new profile and discovery features, it’s never been easier and more fun to share what makes you unique,” Van Ryswyk continued.

There are also more original features in the mix. One is the Profile Quiz, where you can share your profile preferences and interests with potential matches to see how compatible you are. Tinder also updated its user interface (UI) to give the app a new look and added a dark mode for late-night swiping.

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Finally, the app has upgraded its reporting system. Users have always had the option to report profiles, but now they can report specific elements of a profile if they find something offensive.

“We know that the new generation of daters prioritize value-based qualities such as respect (78 percent) and open-mindedness (61 percent) over looks (56 percent),” Van Ryswyk said, citing data from Tinder’s recent report on the future of dating. “They care about the authentic connections made through shared interests and common causes, and have no time for the ‘play’ of previous generations.” They want to portray their true authentic selves and expect the same in return.”

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