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The Kardashian family appears to be broadcasting out-of-order footage
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Holo Kardashians It looks like he’s intentionally broadcasting out-of-order footage, so we The actual timeline of events is broken.

During the new episode of the successful reality series, which began broadcasting on Thursday, November 16 Kim kardashian She documented her first trip to many from Los Angeles to New York City earlier this year.

“I’m in New York and I’ve sorted things out for the two days that I’m here. I got a Met size, and I’m working with the Schiaparelli team,” she said in her confessional. “It’s this amazing dress made entirely of pearls.”

Kim, 43, said her plan is to go back and forth over the “next four months” due to work commitments. The reference to the Met Gala set-up meant that the scenes were filmed before May, however, the rest of Kim’s time in New York City hinted that the trip would have actually taken place later that month after the May 1 event.

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Viewers saw Kim visit today He offered to talk about the Skims store at Channel Gardens in Rockefeller Center, which was a temporary pop-up that opened on May 16. Kim’s interview also aired on the same day.

Later in the same trip, Kim showed herself getting ready to attend the 74th annual Parsons Gala, held on May 24 at Cipriani Wall Street. I left early to join Kourtney Kardashian In support Travis Parker During Blink-182’s show at Barclays Center.

The Kardashian family appears to be broadcasting out-of-order footage
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Kim made a comment in front of the cameras about the Season 3 premiere Kardashians Being hours away. The series returned to Hulu on May 25, the first day Kim was seen filming Season 12 of the series. American horror story in New York.

The confusion only continued in the trailer for next week’s episode when Kim was seen getting ready for the biggest night in fashion. In a sneak peek, Kourtney, 44, also announced at the Blink-182 concert that she was expecting her first child with Travis. Eagle-eyed fans will know that Kourtney made her announcement in June, which once again threw off the timeline of on-screen events.

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Before the fourth season comes out Kardashians It will show moments from the life of the famous family in chronological order. The only exception was made in Season 2 when the title card dealt with Arrival Chloe KardashianHer son, although for the rest of the season she did not mention her plans to expand her family Tristan Thompson.

“The remainder of Season 2 was filmed 6 months before the previous episode,” read a title card after the season premiere. Khloe, 39, who became a mother in 2017 with the arrival of daughter True, revealed at the start of season two that she welcomed son Tatum via surrogate.

The Kardashian family appears to be broadcasting out-of-order footage
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Khloe initially chose not to address the plan to expand her family after Tristan’s paternity drama with Maralee Nichols Played on screen. It was later revealed that Khloe and Tristan’s surrogate were pregnant at the same time Maralee was expecting athlete’s son Theo.

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“Since December, I’ve had this dark cloud looming over me. “Every day, I felt depressed and sad, and now that my son is here, I have to move on and have fun,” Kardashian shared in a September 2022 episode. “It’s like… As if I’m closing this chapter and getting over this trauma and putting it behind me. Now finally the healing process has begun. Now I have to start enjoying my life with two kids in it and figure it out. This will be the first day, and this will be the beginning of something positive, happy and beautiful.

The hit Hulu series has not since addressed any other continuity errors.

Hulu releases new episodes of Kardashians Every Thursday.

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