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The dangers of accidentally taking an iPhone photo in the wrong mode.

Over the weekend, an Instagram post by user Tessa Coates (@wheatpraylove) garnered some attention online because, for lack of a better wording, her iPhone 12’s camera appeared to have gone haywire.

A reflection in a photo of the iPhone 12 baffled the Internet

In the photo, Coates is in a wedding dress standing in front of two mirrors, but both reflect very different poses than the one she actually takes. That’s weird.

Of course, as TechRadar noted, this sent internet sleuths into a frenzy to figure out how the hell this could happen. One theory was that the iPhone’s photography software just couldn’t handle mirrors. That would be funny, but as YouTuber iPhonedo pointed out, it’s actually not.


Every iPhone 16 model could get a new and improved Action button.

Simply put, despite the initial Instagram caption insisting that the photo was not taken in panoramic mode, it was, indeed, shot in panoramic mode. Image resolution and aspect ratio are not correct for default iPhone photo settings. Also, it turns out there’s a little quirk that causes the panorama symbol to show up no appear in panoramic photos if you do not complete the horizontal movement.

Do it and you might end up with a photo that doesn’t see panoramic, but combines multiple photos (and therefore multiple posts) into a more normal-looking aspect ratio. It seems like you end up with three different poses in one photo.

Go ahead and play around with this bug now before Apple inevitably fixes it.

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