This browser has a new “panic button” that prevents you from being caught in the act – LSB

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No one needs to know what you do on your computer in private, and now there’s an easier way to make sure that stays true.

Opera GX, a gaming-focused version of the long-running Opera web browser, recently launched a new feature called the “Panic Button.” It’s as simple as possible: just press F12 on your keyboard and all video and audio will stop while the browser opens a tab on a “safe” website of your choice, whether it’s YouTube, Wikipedia or something else.

Pressing F12 again will take you back to where you were.


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To enable the panic button feature, simply enable “Early Bird” in your browser’s settings menu.

The applications for this feature are quite numerous and obvious. Whether you’re looking at things that are really outrageous, or you just don’t want prying eyes looking at your browser activity, the panic button looks great. It is probably especially useful in work settings or in a home environment where you are not alone.

Honestly, it should probably be a standard feature in every browser in the future. We hope everyone who developed this feature in Opera gets a well-deserved break this holiday season.

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