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Us Weekly has affiliate partnerships. We receive compensation when you click a link and make a purchase. He learns more!

Us Weekly has affiliate partnerships. We receive compensation when you click a link and make a purchase.

Is there a better gift than the gift of humor? If you’ve never attended a funny Christmas party before, this is your sign to host one. The uglier, the better!

These 21 funny sweaters below are perfect for a white elephant exchange with the girls, a family night in, Secret Santa parties or any other casual holiday gathering on your radar. You’ll instantly brighten the mood with some good laughs, jokes and lots of smiles. Read on!

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Editor’s Note: This article was last updated on December 13, 2023. Many people start taking their health and fitness more seriously this time of year. Everyone seems to be setting goals – whether that’s eating healthy, starting to run, building muscle, waking up early, or hitting the gym several times a week. […]

1. Walking Party Game: You’ll be the reason everyone drinks a lot of eggnog – and has fun doing it – originally $70, now $55!

2. Light up: Don’t ask how to wash this cheerful light up sweater. Get one for the whole family – originally $70, now $55!

3. Gorgeous Festive: This jacket walks the line between cute and ugly. Pair it with antlers to seal the deal – $39!

4. Full moon: There’s nothing to hide, and Santa agrees. Put it all in there – $70!

5. Judge Close: If you ever feel like Santa Claus is judging you, let him know with this unisex sweater — originally $33, now $30!

6. The final conversation piece: We all know that Santa lives at the North Pole, but did you know that he does? -Originally $60, now $55!

7. Christmas Hashtag Sweater: In Gen Z parlance, this cozy sweater is party goals — just $30!

8. All their clothes: When you want to go fancy, try the perfect (ugly) option – only $30!

9. DNA count: Are you 100% that grinch? -Only $30!

10. Shake the Earth: There may not be snow on the globe, but you’ll still want to rock your dance moves and get away with it — $38!

11. Functional Fashion: No need to go back to the bar when you have this sweatshirt on deck – $70!

12. Confident in himself: For those who know where they stand with Santa Claus, don’t be afraid to show him off – only $39!

13. Place the bow on top: If you think you’ve made the hot list this year, make that a reality – $33!

14. It’s about Taylor: This is a must have for all Swifties with the Christmas spirit – $30!

15. Great for birthdays: If your man loves to party, help him toast the birthday icon – $30!

16. Nice try: It’s the effort that matters – maybe next year! -Originally $33, now $27!

17. For bakery: If you know someone who loves to take part in the baking season, look no further than this gingerbread t-shirt – $50!

18. Home Alone: We hope everyone in your group gets the reference – if not, movie night is available – only $37!

19. Sing along: This may be a pandemic throwback, but we promise you’ll be laughing – only $30!

20. A little confusion: Can’t remember reindeer names exactly? This works too – only $31!

21. Cute couple, ugly sweater: Tag your ugly clothes with your significant other for a double whammy – originally $50, now $43!

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