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Aubrey Plaza and Jeff Baena Relationship Timeline

Jeff Baena and Aubrey Plaza.

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Aubrey Plaza And Jeff Baena They secretly tied the knot in 2021 while celebrating their 10th anniversary.

The couple has been dating since 2011, but they have never confirmed when they met or when their love story began.

the White lotus Alum and Horse girl The director has collaborated on films including Life after home And Joshi In 2016 and Spin me round In 2022.

“I think when you’re with someone in your field, they understand what you’re dealing with on a deeper level,” Plaza said. the people In 2019.

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Season 2 of The White Lotus revolves around infidelity, but off screen, many of the cast members are happily married. Aubrey Plaza, who plays Harper Spiller, revealed in May 2021 that she secretly married Jeff Baena after a decade of dating. The Parks and Recreation alum referred to the product by her name […]

Baena also expressed how lucky he is to work with his wife. “She’s amazing. I would work with her if she wasn’t my wife, but fortunately she is my wife,” Baena said. Speaker reel In 2022. “The opportunity to do something creative [together] Where we both achieve – how rare is that?

Before starting production Spin me round, Plaza shared a celebratory Instagram post for Baena praising his film. She also subtly revealed that the two have tied the knot.

“So proud of my dear husband,” Plaza wrote in May 2021. “For my dream of another movie that takes us to Italy to cause more problems.”

Keep scrolling to see the full timeline of Plaza and Baena’s relationship:


Plaza and Baena have been linked since 2011, but it is unknown when the duo actually started dating.

Aubrey Plaza and Jeff Baena Relationship Timeline

Jeff Baena and Aubrey Plaza.

Chad Hirst/Getty Images for the Sundance Film Festival


Baena made his directorial debut in 2014 Life after homestarring Plaza as the titular character.


Plaza made her debut as a film producer alongside Baena Small watchesIn which she played the role of a nun called Sister Fernanda.

Aubrey Plaza and Jeff Baena Relationship Timeline

Aubrey Plaza and Jeff Baena.

George Pimentel/Getty Images for the Sundance Film Festival


Plaza’s dark sense of humor inspired a unique Valentine’s Day post on Instagram featuring her husband. The two posed for a photo, but Plaza held up a dagger to Baena’s face. She captioned the photo, “Happy Valentine’s Day,” and added a heart emoji.


While celebrating the movie Baena Spin me round In May, Plaza subtly announced that she and Baena had tied the knot. “So proud of my dear husband,” she wrote on Instagram.

She later shared the full story on The Ellen DeGeneres Show In December of that year.

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“We were a little bored one night.” Parks and entertainment resorts The alum recalls. “We got married and I’ll tell you how: Onehourmarriage.com. It’s real, look it up.”

Plaza went on to explain how she had to negotiate in order to get the official to agree to drive to her house and conduct the ceremony in their backyard. She engaged her neighbor – whom she described as a true witch – to obtain her spiritual blessing.

“I created a very quick love altar in our courtyard. The facts of our love, the little stones, the smoke, the fire. Things like that. And then the man from the Alhambra appeared,” Plaza continued. “I can’t remember much of it, it was vague.” . But I’m sure it was legal.”

Aubrey Plaza and Jeff Baena Relationship Timeline

Aubrey Plaza and Jeff Baena.

Michael Tran/Film Magic


Spin me round It premiered in the United States in August, and stars Plaza alongside the co-writer Alison Brie.

Several months later, the Plaza opened GQ About her marriage to Baena, comparing her life to her character’s life White lotus,Harper.

“I’ve been with my husband for 12 years,” she said in November. “I relate to being in a relationship with peaks and valleys, hitting rough patches and comparing myself to another couple who seem perfect.”

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