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Okay Percy Jackson fans: Grab your pen swords and your invisibility hats and get ready for Disney’s latest trailer Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Season 1 of the upcoming series adapts Rick Riordan’s The Lightning Thief, which was infamously adapted into a movie that book readers no longer want to acknowledge. Lucky for us, Percy Jackson and the Olympians it seems to stick closer to the source material – with promising results. Check out the terrifying minotaur chase sequence or sneak peeks of the iconic Capture the Flag scene!


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Besides teasing well-known sections of The Lightning Thief, this new trailer gives us a crash course in all things Percy Jackson (Walker Scobell). He is a 12-year-old demigod who must go on a mission to retrieve the Master Bolt stolen from Zeus (Lance Reddick) by a mysterious thief. Along the way, Percy and his new friends Annabeth (Leah Sava Jeffries) and Grover (Arian Simhadri) will encounter ancient monsters, powerful magic, and enough Greek gods to make Homer jealous. Percy may never have wanted to be a demigod, but I’ve never been so excited to live out my childhood obsession.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians premieres December 20 on Disney+.

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