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There is a saying in the social media world that the internet is undefeated. So, as Father Time chases after LeBron James, the internet prides itself on taking the king to the ground every chance it gets. This time they caught him after James and the Lakers got a win on Saturday night and the first NBA Cup champions and win the first In-Season tournament. Of course, it’s only fitting that LBJ was also named the first tournament MVP to do so. And that’s all social media is needed to start the grilling session on Bron.

All the memes popped up last night after the Lakers’ win, with many mocking James for going on like he just got ring no. 5 won (although, for some of James’s most ardent fans, that’s like him winning a fifth NBA Finals and MVP). James is already a dramatic character, so you should have seen it coming. Kudos to the people who mentioned it (people like me). LeBron really wanted to win this tournament. In the minds of James and his followers, this only furthers the idea that he is the greatest of all time.

It’s certainly an accomplishment, but it doesn’t come close to winning the actual NBA championship. Now, if James leads the Lakers to win the franchise’s 18th title this year and his fifth, then we have something to discuss. But hey, we’re not here to rain on the parade scheduled in LA. Hmmm…is there a championship parade planned for this prestigious championship? If not, LeBron’s people should schedule it because he will never pass up an opportunity to revel.

Congratulations to the King and his Laker teammates. Let them enjoy this victory because they earned it by swimming through the turbulent waters of this tortuous tournament. And here we all thought 2020 was the last time we’d see James celebrate a championship win. Eventually, the NBA will probably start handing out rings for this championship as well, because we live in an era where everyone should be celebrated as a winner. Let’s see how long it takes for this title to hold as much weight as the NBA Finals. If LeBron wins this tournament enough, it will only be a matter of time.

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