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PRE-ORDER NOW: Starting November 16, the Steam Deck OLED is available for pre-order via Steam in three configurations: 512GB ($549), 1TB ($649), and the limited edition 1TB smoky translucent color ($679).

Steam Deck fans: there’s something new on the horizon and you can lock yours right now. Valve is making the Steam Deck OLED, its new and improved handheld, available for pre-order today. The newly announced tech, which got a surprise reveal earlier this month, comes in three different configurations, and you can lock down the one you want starting November 16 by logging into Steam and going to the order page.

There are two standard editions to choose from: a $549 512GB OLED option and a $649 1TB OLED option, both of which are available for purchase now. However, there is a third option in the form of a limited edition $670 1TB smoky translucent color.


Valve just surprised us with a new OLED Steam Deck

While anyone can pre-order the two standard consoles, this special edition is only available to players in the US and Canada. There are other conditions as well: your Steam account must be in good standing and you must have purchased something using that account before November 2023. If you meet these two criteria, you can purchase one Steam Deck OLED in this special configuration for each eligible account. Valve has said that there will be limited quantities of this console, so it’s worth a shot, but it’s likely to sell out quickly.

Still, there should be plenty of other models available that take what everyone loves about the Steam Deck and add a gorgeous new HDR OLED display on top of it all. These features include an NVMe SSD, a 7.4-inch screen, Wi-FI 6E support, a battery that supports 3 to 12 hours of gameplay depending on what you’re playing, and a carrying case. There are also a few bonus goodies with the 1TB model, such as a Steam profile pack and splash screen.

For PC gamers who like to enjoy their favorite titles from the comfort of their couch or bed, the Steam Deck OLED looks like a worthy upgrade. Just hurry if you don’t want to be left out (or miss out on the perfect Black Friday gift for gamers).

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