‘The Masked Singer’ Preview: A new anteater theme has been revealed in Night of the Trolls – LSB

The Masked Singer Add more color with Trolls Night on November 15. In this exclusive preview, Poppy and Branch make a surprise appearance to help the panelists get an idea about the pangolin. They find a plaque that says “Hall of Fame” while the anteater stands on the stage with him Nick Cannon.

“I think the trolls might know something about the Hall of Fame,” says the Anteater. This guide has Robin Thicke And Ken Jeong I wonder which hall of fame the anteater is referring to. It could be the Hollywood Walk of Fame or the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

for him The Masked Singer For his debut, Anteater performed the singer’s song “Walking in Memphis.” Mark Cohen. He then had to face Hibiscus on the SmackDown Tour. They sang “Hey Mickey” by Tony BassilThe anteater was able to outperform the hibiscus with this performance and move on to the next episode.

The Masked Singer
Anteater during the November 15 episode. (fox)

The masked celebrities will perform to the boy band’s songs during the November 15 episode to celebrate the release of… Trolls band together. Cuddle Monster, Donut and Candelabra will also take the stage to perform. In addition to helping find the clues, Poppy and Branch will perform at the beginning of the show. The final wildcard of Season 10 will be shown during Trolls Night.

Trolls band togetherwhich will be released on November 17, is the latest blockbuster movie Trolls Commercial franchise. Anna Kendrick And Justin Timberlake Poppy and Branch’s voices are back. The movie blessed us with a new NSYNC song called “A Better Place.” The song is the boy band’s first song together in 22 years.

The Masked Singer Season 10 has revealed some amazing celebrities since the season began. Demi Lovato He started the season strong as an unknown. Other disclosures have been included Tom Sandoval as a diver, Tyler Posey As hook, and Luan de Lesseps Also hibiscus. The Masked Singer Airs Wednesdays at 8pm on FOX.

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