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National children’s charity Make-A-Wish is debuting a new way to overcome year-end holiday stress and ignite a little hope, all with a simple phone call.

From Dec. 4 through Dec. 31, anyone can call the organization’s new Holiday Wish Line to get a dose of seasonal cheer from one of six Make-A-Wish kids, each of whom has recorded their favorite jokes, stories, tips, and holiday cheer reminders for all to hear.

“Hope is a guiding force for willing children and their families as they face the unimaginable. The moment a child’s hope is realized, they experience a powerful, life-changing joy that nourishes their emotional well-being,” wrote Make-A-Wish America President and CEO Leslie Motter. “The Holiday Wish Line allows anyone, anytime, to receive a dose of hope and joy from our wishing children.”


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Callers can also go online to read more about each of the participating Wish Grantees, like 11-year-old aspiring content creator Ava or Annabelle, a 9-year-old from Clovis, Calif., who dreams of her favorite hockey team, the Las Vegas Goldens Knights.

Ava herself runs the hotline, offering eight different prompts for callers, including messages in Spanish.

A child holding a baseball bat wearing a blue Make-A-Wish t-shirt.

Credit: Make a wish

A child standing in the middle aisle of an airplane wearing a blue Make-A-Wish T-shirt.

Credit: Make a wish

Press 2, for example, to hear bits of holiday cheer from Annabelle and her fellow scholarship recipients. “If someone in my family was sad,” advises Annabelle, “I would hug them and say, ‘Do you want to play with me?'”


Not in the mood? Call this child-created joy hotline.

“I’d say, ‘How about I be your friend?’ I can bring you joy, hope and be kind to you,” says another wish recipient. “It’s going to be okay.”

To hear from the Make-A-Wish kids themselves, call (480) 914-9474 (WISH).

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