‘The Fall Guy’ Super Bowl trailer sees Ryan Gosling cry to Taylor Swift – LSB

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Ryan Gosling sits in his car and cries.

Ryan Gosling swaps his Oscar-nominated beach work for stunt work in the wildly chaotic trailer for The Fall Guydropped during Super Bowl Sunday.

This is the second look we have High speed train the upcoming action comedy from director David Leitch, starring Gosling as dark stuntman Colt Sivers. And amidst the pure panache of this trailer, tough guy Sievers gets a quiet moment as he cries in his car to Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well” — a solid connection.

Inspired by the 80s TV series, The Fall Guy follows Sievers as he takes on a job run by his ex, Jodie Moreno (Emily Blunt) and starring big-time action star Tom Ryder (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) — who suddenly disappears.

The Fall Guy wasn’t the only big trailer released during the game — here’s Mashable’s roundup of every Super Bowl movie teaser.

The Fall Guy in theaters May 3.

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