The European Central Bank confirms the Cricket Regulatory Authority is a new independent body to oversee the game – LSB

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The ECB has announced the launch of the Cricket Regulatory Authority, a new independent body responsible for monitoring and enforcing compliance with the regulations of the game, as well as providing relevant information and education.

The 317-page published document, titled “Holding Up a Mirror to Cricket,” criticized the ECB’s dual roles as promoter and regulator of the game, concluding that the potential conflict of interest was “irreconcilable.” The report stated that this was particularly evident in dealing with the racism crisis that gripped English cricket following Azim Rafiq’s revelations from his time at Yorkshire.

The IEC proposed creating a new body, not the European Central Bank, that “should be responsible for investigating alleged regulatory violations and making decisions on whether or not to bring charges.” In September, the European Central Bank confirmed that it would implement this recommendation.

The cricket regulating body, revealed on Monday, will be overseen by an independent cricket regulatory board and, importantly, will be protected from the rest of the ECB. Areas that were previously within the remit of the governing body, including safeguarding, integrity (anti-corruption, anti-misconduct and anti-doping) and anti-discrimination, will now become part of the remit of the cricket regulatory body.

Effective immediately, the Cricket Regulatory Authority will conduct investigations when a case is reported before determining whether there is sufficient evidence to submit the case to the Cricket Discipline Committee (which will be repurposed as the Cricket Discipline Committee in 2024). The Independent Cricket Regulatory Board, which also begins work on Monday, will have budgetary authority for the cricket regulatory body and be responsible for its activity and expenditure. Current members of the ECB’s Regulatory Committee become the first members of the Governing Council, with an open recruitment campaign to fill the remaining seats.

Dave Lewis, a former chief constable, will serve as interim director of the Cricket Regulatory Authority, tasked with establishing the body before a permanent successor is appointed in 2024. Lewis has more than 30 years of law enforcement experience, having held various roles, including leading the Chiefs’ Council National Police Ethics Division, he retired as Deputy Chief Constable of Dorset, Devon and Cornwall in October 2020. He will report to Nick Coward, Chairman of the Broad Cricket Regulatory Committee.

“The cricket regulator will cover a wide range of matters for which the game has set clear standards, including anti-discrimination,” Lewis said in a statement. “The team and I are clear on the importance of meeting high standards to ensure people across the game know what is expected of them, and that the best procedures are in place to protect and promote the interest of the game and all involved.”

Richard Gould, chief executive of the European Central Bank, welcomed the formation of the new body and its independence: “It is important that the game has the best processes in place to enforce regulations. The ICC report recommended introducing greater independence to the game’s regulatory process. It has an independent cricket regulatory board to do so.

“The cricket regulatory body is protected by the ECB and this separation will ensure their work is different from ours as a promoter of the game.”

Vithushan Ihantaraja is Associate Editor at ESPNcricinfo

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