The Cowboys and Lions are about to have their fates – and history – collide -LSB

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One team is using this season to show people that they are not who they have always been. The other is hoping this postseason won’t end the way it usually does — in embarrassment. When Detroit travels to Dallas in two weeks, we’ll have a better idea of ​​which team is destined to repeat history.

As of now, the Cowboys (NFC East) and the Lions (NFC North) sit on top of their divisions, firmly locked into the postseason as Dallas (10-3) is the No. 2 seed in the NFC with Detroit (9-4) hanging around at No. 3. The last time these two franchises met in the postseason, the Lions lost to the Cowboys on the road in the Wild Card round of the 2014 playoffs. The time before that was the last time Detroit won a postseason game, a 38-6 victory over Dallas in the Silverdome in 1991.

Lions fans will lose their minds if they beat the Cowboys in the postseason. But before that can happen, Detroit — and Dallas — must focus on their upcoming game in Texas.

For the Lions, 2023 was proof that their fortunes can change as they build on their 9-8 finish from last year. That mark was extended when they upset the Kansas City Chiefs on the road in the season opener. But, losses against good teams like Seattle and Baltimore, and average and not-so-good teams like Green Bay (at home on Thanksgiving) and Chicago, are proof that the Lions still don’t win over a “good team” didn’t have since September.

This weekend, Detroit welcomes a Denver team that needs every win to stay in the playoff race, as the Lions are coming off a close loss to Chicago. “You know what, I’ve got to push it a little more. I’ve just got to be a little more edgy,” Lions coach Dan Campbell said after the game. “What I can do is.”

I guess we’ll see Saturday night. After that, Detroit heads to Minnesota for the first of their two meetings in the final three weeks of the season, as the Vikings also need as many wins as they can get to make the postseason. After playing Denver and playing Minnesota twice in 15 days in between, the Cowboys are riding a five-game winning streak.

For Dallas, things could get interesting before Detroit comes to town. On Sunday, they travel to Buffalo to play a desperate Bills team. After that, they head to Miami to play a Dolphins team that can score more than anyone on any given day, setting up a showdown between some of the best offensive and defensive units in the league. And then the Lions came to town.

A lot can happen between now and December 30. But regardless of whether one or both teams are on losing or winning streaks, this is a must-win game for both of them. Dallas needs to put some space between itself and the Lions. Detroit has yet to beat a good team. It’s a night game on a holiday weekend that airs on ABC and ESPN – everyone will be watching.

And because of what happened on Thursday night football, these two teams have something else in common – playing the Los Angeles Chargers this season. Oddly enough, the team that hung 63 on the Raiders played the Lions and Cowboys tough, since they still had their franchise quarterback at the time. Dallas beat Los Angeles 20-17 in Week 6, and Detroit beat them 41-38 in Week 10.

For years, the Dallas Cowboys have been a postseason proverbial disappointment. All the hype of the season usually ends with sad fan reactions and constant trolling from Stephen A. Smith. For Detroit, it was decades of torture as the fans prayed for a season like this to prove to the rest of the league that this is not the same ole Lions. All of this will be up for grabs in a few weeks. For one shade of blue, a win can mean everything. For the other, a first-round bye could be in play. For both, this could end up being the biggest game of the regular season.

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