The controversial George Soros-backed attorney general in Virginia has been removed from office after the final votes were counted – LSB

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Virginia’s controversial far-left prosecutor, who received massive support from liberal billionaire George Soros, despite outspending her opponent, has been defeated.

Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney Botha Bieberg, who Soros has supported with nearly $1 million since 2019, lost to her Republican opponent Bob Anderson by 300 votes in a race that concluded the counting of remaining ballots from last week’s election Tuesday evening, Fox 5 reported. Capital.

“We’re done,” a Loudoun County election official told Fox 5. “We’re waiting for certification. Our Board of Elections is working to sign the briefs and review the paperwork.”

George Soros returns to Virginia to help far-left prosecutors take on Democratic challengers, filings show

George Soros, billionaire

Left-wing billionaire George Soros spent more than $900,000 to support Buta Bieberg of the Justice and Public Safety Committee. (Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Anderson ultimately received 68,068 votes while Bieberg received 67,768 votes, Fox 5 reported.

“This is the closest race for commonwealth’s attorney in Loudoun’s history,” Bieberg’s campaign manager, Shannon Sankey, told the Fox affiliate. “After the vote count, Botha is trailing by only 300 votes out of more than 136,000 votes cast.” “This 0.22% deficit puts our campaign on the sidelines for Virginia’s recount. Our campaign is reviewing the results and we expect to make a decision soon on our next steps. Botha remains committed to protecting democratic rights and ensuring every Loudoun resident’s right to vote is counted.”

Anderson, who previously held the position from 1996 to 2003, emerged victorious despite being significantly outgunned by Bieberg. Virginia Public Access Project data shows Bieberg lost $1.1 million in the race — nearly 16 times more than the $70,356 Anderson spent.

Throughout the race, the progressive attorney general received help from outside groups like the National Working Families Party PAC and the Soros-backed Committee on Justice and Public Safety.

Bieberg was among several candidates nationwide who received financial support from Soros in his bid to reform the criminal justice system.

The Soros family and other major donors helped fuel the New York political life that is suing Trump

Botha bibraj

Botha Biberaj is on the verge of being ousted as Prosecutor General. (Fox 5)

Since 2019, the Justice and Public Safety Committee has spent $926,000 supporting her candidacy, which went toward purchasing advertising, literature and polling services. Between 2019 and 2022, Soros transferred more than $2.4 million to the Justice and Public Safety Committee from his name and from his Democratic Action Committee.

The Soros-backed political action committee has also spent large sums of money supporting other Virginia district attorney candidates in recent years, two of whom easily won re-election last Tuesday, including unopposed Parisa Dehghani-Tufte in Arlington County and Steve Descano in New York County. Fairfax, who faced a vote. writing challenge but ultimately won by nearly 149,000 votes.

Pepperaj’s office has faced repeated controversy since she began her work in 2020.

Loudoun County Commonwealth's Attorney

Biberaj has faced controversy since taking office. (

Last year, she was the subject of a bar complaint after a circuit court judge dismissed her office from a criminal case for “intentionally misleading the court and the public.”

A Virginia judge also dismissed Biberaj from the case on appeal in 2022, citing “concerns” about “neutrality.” The case involves a Virginia father who was arrested while speaking at a school board meeting after his daughter was sexually assaulted in a public school bathroom by a student.

Bieberg also faced allegations of using her office to target political opponents and came under fire for hiring a convicted sex offender as a paralegal.


A spokesman for George Soros did not respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

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Fox News Digital’s Emma Colton contributed to this report.

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