The close-up images of SpaceX’s Starship launch are breathtaking – LSB

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Space-X’s Starship rocket had its second major flight test this week, soaring to a height three times its previous attempt before exploding.

The superheavy spacecraft proceeded from Starbase located in Boca Chica, Texas, where it successfully lifted off before its booster was destroyed. The two-piece vehicle is designed to orbit the Earth before landing in the Pacific Ocean.

Mashable’s Elisha Sowers wrote, “The bottom line is that the space exploration company has tempered expectations for these launches, and rightfully so. The Starship – 397 feet tall (with its booster) and powered by a whopping 33 engines – is hardly a finished vehicle. It’s still in the demo phase.”

New images and footage shared by SpaceX owner Elon Musk shed light on the journey — and they’re a visual treat.

Musk shared ongoing updates on the X launch, congratulations to the SpaceX team and thanks to the FAA for “expedited approval of complex launch license”.

“The future of space exploration is bright,” the billionaire wrote.

SpaceX took to its account to share close-up photos and videos of the powerful megarocket and the moment it took off. The rocket rose 90 miles above Earth.

Starship was designed to be a record-breaking achievement, destined to be the “holy grail of space,” according to Musk.

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