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Read our full Roomba Combo j7+ review.

Who is it for:

The Roomba Combo j7+ is for people who don’t mind paying a little extra to skip scanning the floor for phone chargers or socks before sending their robot vacuum to clean.

The J7+ isn’t the vacuum for high-pile carpets, but its performance on low-pile and hard floors (and the ability to easily switch between those surfaces) is reliable, especially with dirt detection that triggers multiple passes through serious messes.

Why we chose this:

The Combo j7+ is the first truly hybrid model from iRobot, and its value lies not only in cleaning (which is more than satisfactory), but also in avoiding objects. The combo j7+ looks almost identical to the original, but with the addition of what looks like a sports car spoiler. This is the retractable cleaning pad.

iRobot’s PrecisionNavigation allows the j7+ to perceive obstacles where other robot vacuums get stuck. These smart skills also extend to feeling the carpet in mop mode: Instead of letting the mop move and risk drops, the Combo j7+ lifts its mop onto the vacuum cleaner itself. Thanks to this object recognition, this is definitely the botvac to get if you’re nervous about pet waste smeared across the floor.

Finally, unlike most robot vacuums, the j7+ uses dual-brush rollers that help it scoop debris from a variety of floor types. So whether you’re worried about pet hair on hardwood floors, scratches on tile, dust hiding in carpets, or all of the above, this vacuum is up for the challenge.

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