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A gift can be a huge gamble, but it’s hard to go wrong with a good phone accessory. From gamers to travelers, iPhone owners everywhere spend dozens of hours a week on their devices. Meet them where they are with gifts that range from beautiful to practical.

For Apple lovers: a tiny Apple Macintosh phone charger

This adorable little computer is a scaled-down replica of the Macintosh monitor that started it all. It comes with a 35W USB-C output to charge the modern technologies that Macintosh helped create: the iPhone, iPad, MacBook and even Galaxy and Google Pixel phones. For added nostalgia, the charger comes with small screen-sized stickers to customize its retro look.

For fashion lovers: a fun phone strap

Mobile phone straps are slowly becoming one of the most functional and trendy tech accessories on the market, with options for every budget. Casetify’s adjustable silver chain comes with a matching heart charm for added cuteness, while Urban Outfitters’ strap is the perfect winter accessory, and Bandolier’s genuine leather phone cases are proven chic.

For social media pros: TikTok viral must-haves

The clip-on selfie light is not only Alix Earle-approved, it’s a must-have for looking your best in photos or during video calls. Pair it with the AirStik, a reusable wall mount for your phone, for hands-free shooting and photography.

For friends with flair: dazzling accents

Add some sparkle to your day with accents that sparkle. Velvet Caviar’s removable camera lenses add a subtle glow to the back of the iPhone, while the wall charger looks good hanging next to a bed or desk.

For friends who sing in the shower: waterproof case and speaker

Designed with texting in mind (so you can safely check messages between rinses), this waterproof case comes in a variety of colors and will float if dropped in water. And while the phone’s built-in speakers are an ideal way to listen to the latest tunes, the JBL Go is a small but mighty upgrade that adds a lush dimension to music, even when it’s bouncing off tiles on the walls.

For those on the go: gloves you can write with

Moshi Store’s lightweight knit gloves are a simple solution for pulling up directions or typing timely text on a cold day. For more intense weather, consider Vessi’s fleece-lined waterproof gloves in a variety of shades.

For friends who forget their glasses: comfortable readers

These ThinOptics specs claim to be “the world’s thinnest hands-free readers”. Their sleek case snaps onto the back of the phone so the glasses are available in a snap. Available in 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 magnifications, they’re perfect for aging eyes or friends who always forget their glasses.

For the class clown: a gift that will make them laugh

To repay the people who make you laugh, consider a good old fashioned gift of fun. A small umbrella is meant to make your screen easier to see in the sun, while a perfectly functional banana phone is sure to pack a double punch.

For travelers: 3-in-1 travel charger

This nifty charger works with MagSafe-compatible iPhones, AirPods Pro and Apple Watch, charging up to three devices at once using one streamlined wire. Available in a rainbow of color options, it folds flat for charging and then stacks back up for easy storage.

For gamers: mobile setup

These lightweight attachments turn your iPhone into a mobile gaming controller, adding an extra thrill to boring commutes or lazy Sundays. They come in a variety of colors and themes, from purple to Pokémon.

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