Taylor Swift honored in Brazil with display of Christ the Redeemer statue: photo – LSB

Taylor Swift welcomed into Brazil with Christ the Redeemer drop
Image credit: John Salangsang/Shutterstock

Taylor Swift‘s Tour of the ages It was launched in Brazil on November 18, and the South American country honored it with a dazzling artistic display! Just a few days before the 33-year-old actress took the stage in Rio de Janeiro, the city welcomed her by displaying a T-shirt on the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue. “Welcome to Rio de Janeiro Brazil,” reads the white T-shirt on the statue.

Needless to say, the “Empty Space” artist was very flattered by the gesture. She initially thought the photos were “photoshopped” and couldn’t “believe” the gorgeous visual.

“I somehow got someone to put a Junior Jewels shirt that said ‘Welcome to Brazil’ on the Redeemer statue,” she gushed to her fans while on stage during the night at one of her shows, per fan videos on social media. “Part of the reason this happened is because so many of you donated food and water to the crew. I’m so proud of you.”

The viral t-shirt shown on the famous landmark appears to be a reference to the t-shirt that Taylor rocked in her “You Belong With Me” music video. Her shirt originally said “Junior Jewels” and featured a hand-drawn smiley face as well as a slew of names. The display appeared to channel the shirt and also showed the names of the states in Brazil. There were some nods to Taylor as well, including a scarf from her “All Too Well” music video and a bow and arrow for her song “The Archer.”

Eduardo Paes(54 years old) is the mayor of Rio de Janeiro x (Twitter) to confirm that the offer was to Taylor on November 16. “We will properly honor Taylor Swift and her arrival at the Carioca tonight,” he said in the clip. NBC News. “Hi Taylor Swift.” He reportedly compared Taylor’s stardom to that of the late Michael Jackson And Madonna. The “Anti-Hero” hitmaker is scheduled to perform at Nilton Santos Stadium this weekend, followed by three more shows in Sao Paulo over the weekend of November 24.

After the pictures of the ornate statue arrived Social media, Swifties took to the comments to respond. “Brazil loves Taylor! She deserves this,” one fan wrote He coined itwhile another He added“Wow, this is so creative!” A third fan gushed over the United States over the shirt. “I love how all 26 of our states (and the Federal District) are represented, Brasil Te Ama Taylor,” chirp. This is not the first time artwork has been displayed on the statue, as the city often displays messages supporting local and global issues on the landmark.

Taylor kicked off her famous South American tour on November 9 when she performed in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This weekend, Taylor’s new beau, Travis Kelsey34 years old, supported her by attending one of her performances alongside the pop star’s father. Scott Swift71. During the ceremony, Taylor sent fans into a frenzy when she jumped into the NFL star’s arms and shared a passionate kiss with him. The couple is said to be taking their romance to the next level and have plans to introduce their parents to each other when Kansas City Chiefs Play against Philadelphia Eagles On November 20th.

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