Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s parents will reportedly reunite at the upcoming Kansas City Chiefs game – LSB

Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift33 y Travis Kelsey, 34, are taking their romance to the next level! The NFL star reportedly asked his parents to meet the Grammy winner’s mother and father when Kansas City Chiefs confrontation against Philadelphia Eagles A source close to the duo said on November 20 at On November 15th. The reunion is reportedly being called a “family reunion” as Travis plays for the Chiefs while his brother, Jason KelseyHe plays for the Eagles.

father of pop sensation, Scott Swift, 71, is known for being a dedicated Eagles fan, however, the outlet reported that his loyalty may have “wavered” since his daughter became involved with Travis. Before meeting the family, Travis was photographed alongside Scott at Taylor’s recent concert in Argentina. While on the show, Scott wore a “Cheves” rope and Travis made sure to mention that during the November 15 episode of his show. new Horizons Podcast.

“You got him on the good side, baby,” Travis joked to Jason during the episode. “Just one at a time, until all the good ones come along.” Jason, who has played for the Eagles since 2011, couldn’t help but tease the 71-year-old over apparently switching teams. “What do we do, Scott?” He said sarcastically. “Are you going to let this man’s demonic appearance and his relationship with your daughter keep you away from your fan life, Scott? Ridiculous.”

Travis couldn’t help but explain that he “convinced” Taylor’s father to become a Chiefs fan over dinner when they first met. Maybe I convinced him at dinner the night before. He said: When I met him. As for Travis’ family, his mother, Donna KelseyThe 71-year-old showed her support for Taylor when she attended a screening of her film Taylor Swift: Tour for the Ages The movie is out on November 12.

“I saw it and I liked it. It was cool.” the people On November 15th. She explained that Taylor is “very, very talented” and that she was “absolutely mesmerized” during the film. The magazine also asked Travis’ mother if she plans to watch Taylor’s tour live, to which she replied: “Hopefully in the future. Yeah, you never know! As Swifties know, the 34-year-old was spotted at Taylor’s show in South America during Over the weekend, he was photographed locking lips with his new leading lady!

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