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For several reasons, tonight’s Monday Night Football game on ESPN could be one of the most watched in NFL history. For Die-hard NFL fans, it is last year’s Super Bowl rematch between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs. Plus we have the parents of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift met for the first time. The Swift-Kelce alliance is officially headed for no return.

It will no doubt be a family affair at Arrowhead Stadium, with Travis and Jason on the field and the parents meeting for the first time. The NFL should have flown in Ben Stiller and Robert DeNiro to put it over the top. However, according to some reports, Swift may not be in attendance due to her tour schedule. She might use this as an excuse to skip the first meeting of the parents.

Hopefully, Taylor’s absence won’t stop her parents from attending the game. With all four parents in a suite, we’re guaranteed to get tons of camera shots of them cheering during the game.

With the Swift family are alleged Eagles fansit can get spicy quickly.

If the parents’ meet and greet goes down regardless of whether the Grammy winner is there, the couple’s fate could be sealed as some see Travis as the one to get Taylor down the aisle. While Swifties are indeed awaiting the announcement of the duo’s impending wedding anniversary, some may urge them to proceed with caution.

We know how celebrity marriages can turn out, and Swift has a lot more to lose should that feeling of “love” disappear. Honestly, I wish them the best, but will Ms. Swift advises taking her time. There’s no need to jump to get the government all into your business.

While tonight’s game would be huge anyway, having such a huge pop star attached to one of the star players makes this must-see TV, with both families likely in attendance. Whether you’re one of Swift’s followers or a Chiefs or Eagles fanatic, this game has something for everyone and can set viewership records with everything surrounding it. And the biggest winner in all of this is the NFL. All those extra publicity the league received over the past few months as a result of this courtship has been astronomical. Sure, Roger Goodell hopes to keep it going as long as possible.

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