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Who is Tate McRae? 5 facts about the singer and dancer
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Tate McRae He has risen to fame in the past few years. After the viral performance on Saturday Night LiveThe singer will participate in the Billboard Music Awards for the first time by performing her hit song “Greedy” on November 19.

The 20-year-old has been striving for a career in entertainment since she was a teenager, and now she’s inspiring fans everywhere with her music. Keep reading to learn five facts about Tate!

Who is Tate McRae? 5 facts about the singer and dancer

I started on YouTube

Tate first stepped into the spotlight when she competed So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation In 2016 when she was just 13 years old. I got third place in the competition Dance moms Star Maddie Ziegler served as a judge.

The taste of fame led her to create her YouTube channel, where she began singing covers of songs and premiering her original musical works. She encouraged others to show their creativity publicly while offering advice to young creatives.

“Everyone feels so embarrassed and nervous to bring things up because they think it will be weird or because they’re worried about how other people will think of them. I think that’s the most ridiculous thing ever because the internet is so toxic,” she said. worldwide In April 2022. “If you love something and you’re passionate about it, the coolest thing you can do is put yourself out there and allow others to appreciate what you love.”

Olivia Rodrigo is one of her best friends

Tate appeared in Olivia Rodrigo“It’s a bad idea, isn’t it?” Music video alongside actresses Iris Apatow And Madison is.

“It was so much fun. I mean all these girls are really the best girls ever,” Tate told SiriusXM in September about filming the music video, adding that she “adores” Olivia.

“I think she’s very talented and very beautiful. I admire all these girls so much, and I think I’ll draw qualities from each one of them,” Tate continued. “And I feel like that’s what you do when you have great girls around you, is you go, ‘Oh my God. “Your fashion, the way you talk, the way you walk, the way…” I think we just take from each other and inspire each other… They’re all the best. “I feel so grateful to be around people like this.”

She opened for Shawn Mendes

In 2022, Tate achieved a major career milestone when Shawn Mendes He chose it as his opener during the second leg of his “Wonder” tour.

“It’s literally brutal. I think it’s very strange because he’s Canadian [like I am]. “I feel like he’s been my role model forever,” she said. worldwide About the “Stitches” artist becoming a “friend.”

Her reps work with Harry Styles

As Tate’s career gained momentum, she realized she needed to change her team, explaining to Billboard, “I had to figure out who… [in the industry] He was actually on my side and who wasn’t…so there were a lot of transitions behind the scenes.

At the end of 2022, she signed a new management contract with Full Stop’s Tom Skogland, Jeffrey Azoff And Tommy Bruceand they all manage too Harry Stilesalong with Saleh Kharazi And Ali Saunders.

I’ve written songs with Finneas O’Connell

Tate went on to perform covers Billie EilishHer songs on her YouTube channel in cooperation with the singer’s brother, O’Connell testified.

“I was nervous because he’s got so much knowledge and he’s a great producer and can play any instrument,” she recalled. Cosmo About writing together. “Obviously I’ve been a huge fan of Billie’s forever, so I was a little stunned when I walked into the room. I can’t believe [Finneas] He wanted to write with me.”

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