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Sidney Sweeney And Dakota Johnson They were caught in a completely twisted web in the new Madame Web Tractor.

Sony debuted the teaser on Wednesday, November 15, and it provides a very clear set-up for the film. Cassandra Webb (Johnson) is a paramedic who suddenly finds herself with the ability to see the future.

“A week ago, I spent my life racing against time, trying to save people who were running out of money — until one moment changed everything,” Cassie says.

Sydney Sweeney suits up in the movie Madame Web with Dakota Johnson

Sydney Sweeney and Dakota Johnson on the set of Madame Web

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She ended up nearly drowning after helping someone escape from an overturned car that was about to fall off a bridge. Unfortunately, Cassie wasn’t able to get out in time, but her fellow paramedic (Adam Scott) He pulls her out of the water and performs CPR. “Welcome back to the land of the living,” he says.

Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney are Madame Web

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Sony’s Spider-Man universe continues to expand with a new adventure film with a focus on women: Madame Web. The film follows Marvel Comics character Cassandra Webb/Madame Web who was first introduced in 1980 in The Amazing Spider-Man #210. The character is a fortune teller who specializes in predicting the future of various Spider-Man superheroes. […]

Cassie quickly meets three young girls (Sweeney, Isabella Merced And Celeste O’Connor) and start saving their lives from a masked man. First she keeps them in a restaurant and then in a train car, where she catches a glimpse of the man’s face.

“I’ve seen this guy before,” Cassie says. “Ezekiel Sims – he was in the Amazon with my mom right before she died.”

The man isn’t the only one Cassie is attached to. The three girls she keeps saving have crossed paths with her before. “Don’t you think it’s weird because we’re all connected?” Merced’s character asks.

Sydney Sweeney suits up in the movie Madame Web with Dakota Johnson
Sony Pictures/YouTube

“It’s honestly the least weird thing that’s happened all day,” Cassie joked.

Obviously, the trio is important. They even appear in superhero suits briefly in the trailer. Sweeney appears to be wearing the black suit with a white spider logo, seemingly confirming that she will be playing Julia Carpenter/Spider-Woman. Merced is said to play Anya Corazon/Spider-Girl while O’Connor is rumored to portray Mattie Franklin, another version of Spider-Woman with extra spider-legs protruding from her back.

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Their Spidey senses tingle! Spider-Man has become one of the most sought-after superhero roles in film and television with actors like Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland stepping into the shoes of Peter Parker. Maguire was first to introduce the character to the big screen in Spider-Man (2002), Spider-Man 2 (2004), and Spider-Man. […]

Although they are all spiders, don’t expect Spider-Man (Tom Holland) to appear. Spider-Man: Far From Home And Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse We’ve shown that there are a lot of different universes with their own spider-inspired heroes.

Very similar Poison And Morbius, Madame Web It will not connect to the most popular web shooter. Sony describes Madame Web As “a standalone origin story for one of Marvel Publishing’s most mysterious heroines.”

S. J. Clarkson (Jessica Jones) is directing the suspense thriller, in which he also stars Pure and merciful, Mike Epps And Emma Roberts.

Madame Web It is scheduled to arrive in theaters on February 14, 2024.

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