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Sutton Strack No longer bothered by Erika Jayne She put it “on the spot” after the dramatic breakup that unfolded on TV The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Over the Magic Mike Live.

“Always, on this show, you have to let it take its course and pass quickly, because it’s always going to be okay,” Sutton, 52, said. Us Weekly Exclusively. “There’s nothing malicious with me, that’s the truth. I show up and put the microphone on, sometimes I say things I shouldn’t, and I always get into trouble. I’m always getting into things.

the Rupa The stars’ trip to Las Vegas came to an end during the Wednesday, November 15, episode. Their holiday got off to a rocky start when Sutton ran out of money Magic Mike Live Because she was “offended” by the dance moves that included “men’s faces.” [Erika and Crystal Kung Minkoff’s] crotch.”

During Wednesday’s episode, the women were preparing to leave Las Vegas when Sutton came face to face with Erika’s choreographer. Mickey everything And his partner – one of Magic Mike Live dancers — Davis is gone On the elevator.

BravoCon reports Kenya Moore Teresa Giudice Candiace Dillard Lala Kent

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“This is your chance to apologize to my friend who you said was overrated and the show was bad,” Erica said. Sutton replied: “I didn’t say the show was bad at all. Don’t put words in my mouth. I didn’t say the show was bad at all. I said the dancers were great.”

Sutton Stracke reacts to Erika Jayne putting her on the spot after Las Vegas 132 collapse

Sutton Strack, Erika Jayne.

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Sutton explained that it was the “spread eagle” moment that made her uncomfortable. “I know I missed the good part, but I’m sorry,” she added.

Once the elevator doors closed, Sutton faced Erika.

“Really, you put words in my mouth. I never said the show was great. She said, ‘Don’t lie.'” And Erica responded, “I didn’t lie. You didn’t like it.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Sutton called out Erika for “intentionally” embarrassing her.

“We were having a good time and I heard you weren’t,” Erika explained. “You’ve made it a big deal. … Should you take it to the point where you feel hot in the hallway?”

Sutton said we She “apologizes” for the whole situation that happened in Las Vegas.

“I didn’t mean to ruin anyone’s time, and I didn’t mean to squash the fun,” she said. “I think we see Vegas going forward where we have more fun. I’m a fun girl, I like to have fun.”

She added: “I reacted in the wrong way – or overreacted – and I apologized.”

Sutton Stracke reacts to Erika Jayne putting her on the spot after Las Vegas 131 collapse
Emily Schur/Bravo

However, the rest of the women don’t seem to feel the same way about Sutton’s antics. When talking to we At BravoCon earlier this month, Erika said she “needed a break” from Sutton “for a few years.”

Kyle Richards She was the first to reveal that she had called back her friendship with Sutton via Teddy Mellencamp And Tamra JudgeThe “Two Ts in a Pod” podcast was recorded during a fan convention over the weekend.

“I needed space from Sutton. Well, it was a lot,” Kyle explained Shs. “We started when you said that. There have been a lot of situations with her back to back [where] I was like, “Whoa, call back.” I’m going to need to step away for a minute because I don’t see us getting anywhere. And I had enough on my plate at that time.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills It airs Wednesdays on Bravo at 8pm ET.

Reporting by Cristina Garibaldi

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