SpongeBob and Patrick hosted Nickelodeon’s Super Bowl telecast. It was better than the real thing. – LSB

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Super Bowl 2024 was exciting, but it might as well have been even More ▼ exciting for those who watch Nickelodeon’s Sunday night show. Hosted by SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star, the TV show was full of goo, funny jokes and kid-friendly graphics.

It was the first Super Bowl to get the Nickelodeon treatment, which makes sense since CBS—a sister network to Nickelodeon—had the rights to the game. We’ve seen this type of game broadcast before, but this was the biggest stage yet.


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The internet, for the most part, loved it. It was something that seemed almost destined to spit out memes, jokes and big reactions online.

They made a good and obvious joke with Travis Kelce’s more famous partner – Taylor Swift.

Besides having Spongebob and slime, they featured funny “famous” people like LePrawn James, Herring Styles and Billie Eelish.

The celebration at the end of the game showed how much fun the show was.

The still images were pretty crazy.

The inside jokes were also great.

Adding SpongeBob to election night isn’t the worst idea.

In classic SpongeBob style, there were even some jokes for the parents watching the Nickelodeon show.

Of course, it would be kind of crazy to see your favorite team let go of their dream while being narrated by a cartoon.

But overall, the jokes and memes centered around the idea that it was a pretty fun show.

All in all, it seemed like most of the Internet agreed: Nickelodeon’s broadcast was a fun, if harmless, way to watch the Super Bowl.

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