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As of November 13, here are the best pre-Black Friday headphone deals:

Early Black Friday deals on headphones

silver sony wh-1000xm5

black echo pimples

These days you might be able to buy everything under the sun during Black Friday, but the sale remains one of the best times of the year to pick up a brand new pair of headphones or earplugs at a deep discount.

Whether you’re looking for premium workhorses for active noise cancellation or headphones to wear while working out, you’ve got plenty of options. Searching for the best deals can be a job in itself—that’s why we’ve made it our business. We hunt down the best deals from the biggest retailers like Amazon and Best Buy and the biggest brands like Sony, Bose and Beats, making sure that if there’s a headphone deal worth hearing about, we’ve got it on our list.


Target’s Black Friday sale has begun and continues throughout the month of November

Below, we’ve rounded up the best early Black Friday deals on headphones, earphones and speakers ahead of the official day on November 24. Check out some of our top picks:

The best Black Friday deals on headphones and earphones

Why we like it

If you’re buying your first pair of premium noise-canceling headphones (or making a serious upgrade), the Sony WH-1000XM5s are sure to help. While there are plenty of great options on the market (and listed below) with ANC, these Sony headphones stand out with their excellent sound quality and 30-hour battery life. While these Mashable Choice Award winners have gone for under $300 before, if you want them in your hands and ears ASAP, this $72 reduction isn’t a deal we see too often.

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Why we like it

Even at full price, the 2023 Echo Buds are a solid pair of budget headphones that deliver sound quality, are easy to integrate with Alexa, and won’t make a huge dent in your bank account. Whether you’re looking for a pair of headphones to take to the gym without much worry, or you just don’t want to drop more than $100, the Echo Buds are a worthwhile choice. Despite being budget, they have 20 hours of battery life with the charging case and five hours of playback on a single charge ($200 AirPods Pro have 30 hours and six hours, by comparison).

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Promotions for Bose headphones and earphones

Promotions for Sony headphones and earphones

Deals on headphones and earphones on Amazon

Beats deals on headphones and earphones

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Black friday headphones

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