Social media reaction to Biden’s birthday cake on fire – LSB

A firestorm has erupted on social media over President Biden’s fiery birthday cake, which was lit up with 81 candles.

Biden continued to make history on Monday, marking another year as the oldest US president in office at the age of 81.

A photo was posted on President

“As Biden celebrates his birthday, America is the cake. Regardless of whether you are a Republican, Democrat, or independent, we are all feeling the brunt of Biden’s failed policies,” commentator Mehek Kwok wrote.

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“Joe Biden is old, and his birthday cake is a fire risk,” conservative commentator Steve Guest wrote alongside the widely circulated photo.

“Picture Joe Biden with inflation,” Stephen L. Miller joked.

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“There’s a portal to hell on a platter in front of him,” radio host Dana Loesch said.

“It appears that the candles on President Biden’s birthday cake have shed more light than his policies and leadership over the past three years. America is in desperate need of clear and strong leadership, not the diminished approach we are seeing,” one person wrote. .

“Is anyone tracking the carbon emissions from Biden’s birthday cake?” Larry O’Connor said.


Another social media user said: “At first glance I thought this was a parody account. That photo wasn’t the best idea.”

“Tonight: Biden sets the White House on fire to celebrate his 81st birthday,” a Republican National Committee account posted on X.

“Is there anything that didn’t catch on fire?” Fox News contributor Lisa Booth posted on X.

Biden’s birthday comes amid growing concerns about the president’s age and whether he will be able to complete another full term if re-elected in 2024. The age concerns come at the same time as multiple polls show Biden trailing former President Trump in a head-to-head race. . -High competition, with many voters expressing the opinion that Biden’s age is a factor.

The White House did not respond to a request for comment from Fox News Digital.

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