Sheryl Sandberg calls for condemnation of the rape of Jewish women by Hamas, and says that “politics blinds us.” – LSB

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Exclusive: Sheryl Sandberg told Fox News Digital that “politics blinds us to something that is quite obvious” — condemning Hamas for rape and other forms of sexual violence committed against Jewish women on October 7.

Sandberg, founder of Lean In and former Facebook chief operating officer, spoke to Fox News Digital on the sidelines of an event hosted by Israel at the United Nations headquarters on Monday.

Critics say the United Nations is criticizing the silence on the rape, mutilation and killing of Israeli women by Hamas

The event, hosted by Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan, included speech from Sandberg, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a video address by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and testimony from Israeli police officers and others about Hamas’ brutality. The attacks and “exposing the horrific atrocities and acts of sexual violence committed” against women on 7 October.

Sheryl Sandberg spoke at an event hosted by Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations about the brutality of Hamas’ attacks and “to expose the atrocities and horrific acts of sexual violence committed” against Jewish women on October 7.

“For a really long time, sexual violence was just part of the war, and we fought long and hard for women to be heard,” Sandberg told Fox News Digital, pointing to the Me Too movement and more.

“At this moment, politics is blinding us to something that is crystal clear, no matter which side you’re on,” Sandberg told Fox News Digital. “You have to be able to say rape is unacceptable and sexual violence is unacceptable.” She added: “If we do not stand against this, we will lose our humanity.”

Israeli officers on Monday shared their experiences recovering women’s bodies after the October 7 massacre, showing girls with broken pelvises. Women and girls without clothes and covered in blood; Bodies of women and girls with gunshot wounds targeting their sexual organs; Breast amputation; Naked women and girls bathing with their hands tied behind their backs; Additional amputation of genital organs and more.

Sandberg and activists at the event at the United Nations called out women’s organizations for their silence on the issue, with Sandberg saying: “Silence is complicity.”

Gillibrand said during the event that she was “disgusted” that women’s groups were “silent.”

“I think they’re not going to stay silent anymore,” Sandberg told Fox News Digital after the event. “I hope they won’t be silent anymore.

11/14/2023 Washington, DC, United States. Pro-Israel demonstrators gather to denounce anti-Semitism and call for the release of Israeli hostages, on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., on November 14, 2023. Thousands of civilians, both Palestinian and Israeli, have died since October 7, 2023. After Palestinian Hamas fighters stationed in the Gaza Strip entered Southern Israel in an unprecedented attack that led to Israel declaring war on Hamas with retaliatory bombing of Gaza. (Photo by Ali Khali/Middle East Pictures/AFP via Getty Images)

“I call on everyone to speak out,” Sandberg said, echoing her remarks at the event. “If the world won’t listen to us, we need to speak louder.

“In war situations, as you know, there is a lot that is not clear,” she explained. “But what happened is very clear now, and I think everyone can see the evidence and hear the evidence.”

Sandberg told Fox News Digital that she hopes Monday’s event will be “a turning point for the United Nations and for women’s organizations to speak out.”

“We have to be united against rape,” she said.

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Sandberg told Fox News Digital that she “grew up, as many American Jews did, with stories of what it was like for my grandparents in Europe before the Holocaust.”

“You always thought this could never happen here,” she said. “I think this is an intergenerational trauma for Jews — the trauma of believing that anti-Semitism still exists, is still rampant, and we need to be against it. We need to be against anti-Semitism. We need to be against Islamophobia. We need to To also be against racism,” she said. “We cannot allow hate to stand against anyone.”

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More than 700 ambassadors, diplomats, representatives of UN agencies, Jewish organizations and civil society organizations attended the event on Monday.

Erdan told Fox News Digital that he “started the event because of the shameful silence of the women of the United Nations.”

“We have seen how women’s organizations around the world have abandoned Israeli women who have been raped, brutalized and mutilated,” Erdan said. “It is unimaginable, and we will fight and be their voices.”

He added: “If women’s organizations apply double standards and ignore the rape of Israeli women, there are brave leaders and women who will help us make their voices heard.”


Erdan said Israeli women’s stories “will not be silenced.”

He added: “The truth will prevail and justice will be achieved.”

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