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from A walk to remember And League of Magnificent Masters to Whatever you take – whatever it takes And Get rid of it, Shane West He’s starred in countless classics — and has no qualms about playing favorites.

In an exclusive interview with Us WeeklyThe 45-year-old actor revealed the film in his autobiography, which was the one he was most proud of in 2007. What do we do in secret? In which West starred as the late Germs co-founder and lead singer Darby Crash. Biography – in which she also starred Bijou Phillips, Rick Gonzalez And Noah Sijan – Follow the punk rock band’s early days and career.

“I actually got to join the band,” West says. wenoting that he was working on the project while also starring in the lead role He is. “The band got back together and I started touring with them [them] “For at least four or five years.”

The depiction of the musician who died by suicide in 1980 left a lasting impression on the West. “I take [a] “I tattooed Darby because I became close to his family, friends and fans,” he explained, noting that the experience was “very rare.”

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the Nikita The alum is no stranger to the small screen either, and was quick to mention projects he’d like to revisit if given the chance. “[With] Salem“We were never able to get that ending,” says West, who played Captain John Alden on the supernatural horror series, which was canceled in 2016.Salem It would be fun to come back and maybe do a fourth final season for once to show what happened to all of these characters.

West also believes in his time as Bane Gotham — which he remembers as “a lot of fun to be a part of” — was cut short very early on: “I wish we could have done more with the character, but we only had four episodes to do it,” he says. .

Shane West Is Playing His Favorite Role in the 2000s Filmography – and His Choices Might Surprise You (Exclusive) 047

Shane West.

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With streaming services allowing old movies and TV shows to find new audiences (similar to… suit), West hopes some of his older works will grow a larger fan base. “That would be great, to have a new life through streaming,” he says. we.

One of Sheen’s most memorable films is the 2002 film A walk to rememberwhich also starred Mandy Moore. “People love that one,” he says with a laugh. “It sticks to the place, and I love that.”

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West’s latest project is WaldenAn exciting tournament Emile Hirsch Like Walden Dean, a stenographer who takes matters into his own hands after witnessing one too many injustices in the courtroom. “I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a script like this before,” West gushed, noting that he was “fascinated by it from the beginning.”

In the film, West plays family man Detective Billy Kane, a role he’s been wanting to play “for a while,” he says. “Being able to play at an older age, so to speak, and being married with a little girl, was important to me,” he adds.

Shane West takes a look back at his past projects and reveals the film he's most proud of

Shane West

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It was a bonus that the film allowed West to work alongside Hirsch. “We’ve known each other for years and wanted to work together, so it was a no brainer then,” he explains. “I didn’t know he was going to play for Walden the way he did — which was great — but I knew he was going to come in and give it 100 percent.”

Filming in Georgia allowed West, Hirsch and their stars — incl Kelly Garner And Tanya Raymond – Great opportunity to communicate when the cameras malfunction. “We had dinner and played pool together a lot,” he says. “Decatur gave us a lot of time to hang out.”

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Although the dark thriller is not for the faint of heart (“I don’t know if I would see my mom watching this movie,” he explains), West is proud of the final cut. He adds: “It is a heavy matter, but there is a good heart in the end.”

Walden It will be available digitally and on demand on Tuesday, December 12.

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