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Reign of the Scavengers (2023)
Season 1 – Episode 12 (2023)

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Created by: Joseph Bennett, Charles Huetner
Starring: Sunita Mani, Unmi Mosaku, Alia Shawkat, Bob Stephenson
Rated: TV-MA
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The animated series follows the crew of a damaged deep space freighter stranded on a beautiful but dangerous planet.

It keeps getting better with every episode. This world is enchanted and deadly as we follow three distinct clans. Each group has a unique experience in this world, and none of them are good. We see them struggle to survive, but this planet is too much. The last episode ties everything together very well. It was a very good show and the ending made it even better. Although I wish the animation was more detailed, it does a great job of building the world and creating an engaging narrative.
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Based on a 2016 short film, production took two years. The series begins after they crash land on this strange planet. We can tell they’ve been there for a while because some have started using native plants and growing crops. It’s a wild place with all these creative but dangerous creatures. We understand that this crew is doomed. Kamen is possessed by this telepathic creature, and the ride through this season is absolutely wild.


The whole predicament felt so desperate and dark. Although it is interesting to see how the animals act each human seems to be on their way to death. Kamen is being tricked into getting food for the creature. His plight is tragic, but the more we see of his past the less sympathy we feel.


Aji and his robot Levi try to grow food, but it’s no surprise when it goes sideways. Levy’s plot is a roller coaster. This world is changing him. Sam and Ursala try to reach their ship, and it’s a trek. Each creature they cross paths with presents a new obstacle.

Sam, Ursala

Throughout the season we realize that this planet is years, if not decades, away from killing people. A scavenger crew arrives to take the ship apart, but they have no idea what they took.

This show tells a story about how you. It’s a great narrative, and the final episode is powerful. This season ends so well that it elevates an already great season. I wish the animation was richer and more detailed, but the plot more than makes up for it.

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