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SAVE $200: The Breville Smart Pizza Oven Pizzaiolo is on sale today on Amazon for $799.95. That’s 20% off its list price of $999.95.

Over the past few years, pizza ovens have become a major obsession for home cooks. You no longer have to venture out to your favorite restaurant to try authentic, homemade thin crust pizza. You can simply fire up your oven at home.

Today, the Breville Smart Pizza Oven Pizzaiolo is on sale on Amazon for $799.95. That takes $200 (or 20%) off the regular list price of $999.95. This early Black Friday deal is also available to Best Buy shoppers. The last time we saw this deal was during Amazon’s Prime Days.

Earlier this year, Mashable’s Jae Thomas tested and reviewed the Breville. “The pizzas I made in the Breville Pizzaiolo were the best homemade pizzas I’ve ever had,” Thomas wrote. “Honestly, they rivaled (or were better than) some of the restaurant pizzas I’ve had in the past.”

Part of the Breville’s success is that it gets hot enough (750 degrees) to make Neapolitan-style pizza with the signature charred crust, creating the “wood-fired” experience without actually using real fire. This compact, countertop-safe oven is perfect for apartment dwellers or anyone else who doesn’t have enough outdoor space for a traditional pizza oven.

Level up your home pizza game when you buy the Breville Smart Pizza Oven Pizzaiolo in this early Black Friday deal.

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