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Barry Keoghan attends the Los Angeles premiere of MGM's Saltburn
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Barry KeoghanReservations about full frontal nudity in Saltburn It quickly faded away after the cameras started rolling on the scene where he was dancing naked.

“The initial thing was I wasn’t wearing any clothes. I’m a little, eh,” Keoghan, 31, said. Entertainment Weekly In an interview published on Friday, November 17. I was like, “Let’s go again.” Let’s go again.’ You kind of forget, because a comfortable environment has been created, and it gives you this license to say, “Okay, this is about the story now.”

He credited the choreographer Polly Bennettwhich he also worked on Elvis, making sure he was comfortable. “By the way, I didn’t know I could dance like that. I was like, ‘Wow.’ Where did this stuff come from?’ Do you know what I mean?” the Panchayat Incherin The actor added.

Keoghan has always understood why it was important to take off his character Oliver. “It’s a very relatable thing, though, isn’t it? Let’s be honest. You dance in your own space and be silly, knowing that no one’s watching, and moving your body any way they want. We’re at our truest, most vulnerable point when we’re naked,” he said. Vogue magazine.

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He continued: “When we are alone, that facade falls. We get to see a glimpse of Oliver at his truest point. It’s a bit of a power thing too. Then I say, “Oh, what happens next?” It’s just down. He has to find something else now, because he’s basically reached the top. Where do you go from there?”

Barry Keoghan in a movie

Barry Keoghan as Oliver Quick in Saltburn.

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Ultimately, the scene was filmed 11 times. Saltburn exit Emerald Vinyl open. “They were all so beautiful,” she said. diverse. “It’s a very complex and technical camera. A lot of times, he was very patient because there was a lot of naked dancing. Taking number seven was technically perfect. You could hear everyone reacting with excitement, but I had to say ‘sorry’ because He was missing everything that made Oliver such a human little mess. So, we had to do it four more times.

“I think we got it in the fourth take, but people just wanted to keep seeing me dance,” Keoghan quipped.

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While talking to Electronic warfareFennell, 38, admired Keoghan’s determination to get the scene right. “To Barry’s credit, he did it four more times until the movie you see, which has such a wicked joie de vivre that it’s impossible not to join in,” she said.

Saltburn It follows Oliver (Keogan) a scholarship student at Oxford University in 2006 who meets Felix (Jacob Al-Wardi), a wealthy and popular fellow. After they become friends, Felix invites Oliver to stay at his family’s home, called Saltburn, for the summer holiday. As he approaches Felix’s eccentric family (played by… Rosamund Pike, Richard E. Grant And Alison Oliver), Oliver becomes determined to find a way to continue living the high life.

Saltburn Showing in theaters in New York and Los Angeles now. It will expand to theaters everywhere on Friday, November 22.

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