Ryan Reynolds recalls the ‘4 sleepless nights’ that preceded Wrexham Football Club’s promotion – LSB

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Ryan Reynolds remembers sleepless nights before Wrexham EFL promotion
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Tensions were high for Ryan Reynolds And Rob McElhinney As Wrexham AFC enter their final National League match during the season two final of Welcome to Wrexham, which aired on Tuesday 14 November.

At the time, fans did not know it would be Wrexham’s last game in this particular league, but Reynolds, 47, and McIlhenny, 46, were hoping the match against Boreham Wood would end in a win – and promotion to the EFL. League.

“It’s definitely a full two years of climbing to the top,” Reynolds said of the team’s potential promotion. “I would say this happens constantly though. Just when I think she can’t bubble anymore – like the Nott family [County] The Game – Here I am, spending four full sleepless nights all the way to Boreham Wood. That’s all I think about.”

One of Reynolds and McElhenney’s goals when they became co-owners of Wrexham AFC was to turn the franchise into a semi-professional team. In order to do this, Wrexham had to win enough games and score enough points to gain promotion from the National League to the English Football League.

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“It should be over today,” McIlhenny said before the Wrexham-Boreham Wood match last April. “This has been going on for a long time.”

Wrexham scored three goals to defeat Boreham Wood, who scored only one goal. Combined with the 3 to 1 win, Wrexham were officially promoted to the Premier League.

“Rob and I were kind of lost during this moment, but somehow we’ll never forget it,” Reynolds captioned an Instagram post after the win on April 22. As Wrexham fans stormed the pitch, Reynolds and McIlhenny embraced to celebrate the win.

Ryan Reynolds remembers sleepless nights before Wrexham EFL promotion

At the end of Tuesday’s final, fans watched Reynolds and McIlhenny celebrate in Wrexham’s championship parade. While only 15,000 fans were expected to attend the event, 40,000 were there to show their support.

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Earlier on Tuesday, FX announced this Welcome to Wrexham He will return to the network for the upcoming third season, scheduled to premiere in spring 2024.

“The tremendous global success of Welcome to Wrexham is a testament to the courage and vision of Rob and Ryan, the tenacious spirit of the Red Dragons team, and the hope and dedication of the people of Wrexham,” Nick Grade, President of FX Entertainment, said of the current situation. “It’s a story that’s just beginning to be told, and one that everyone can continue to follow in Season 3.”

Welcome to Wrexham Now streaming on Hulu.

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