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Ryan Reynolds And Amy Smart We’re still just friends.

just friends Stars Reynolds, 47, and Smart, 47, celebrated the 18th anniversary of their holiday special by reprising their roles as Chris and Jimmy, to promote Aviation American Gin. The “Just Friendsgiving” ad, which was released on Monday, November 20, features Reynolds — who co-owns the alcoholic beverage brand — asking Smart how her day was while admiring their Christmas decorations.

“I’ve had better days… I ran out of Aviation American Gin at the bar,” Smart told Reynolds while holding up a handle of the liquor.

“Oh no, that’s too bad. That’s terrible,” Reynolds responds calmly, smiling.

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Smart then asks the director to cut the scene and reveal the duo standing in front of a green screen. “This is weird,” she says.

“When we get to publishing, it will be our house, I promise it will look fine,” Reynolds reassured her, before adding: “I think we should try it again.”

Smart replays the scene and tells Reynolds again that the bar has run out of its gin. He hilariously changed his line to “f—k,” causing Smart to scream again. “That’s been a really big reaction,” she joked.

“Well, it’s been 18 years, and I think the characters have changed a little bit, so let’s go back,” Reynolds says, and Smart says, “I think so.”

They tried the scene again, but once Smart realized it was just an advertisement for Gene Reynolds and not a “self-financed sequel,” she walked off the set. Reynolds then shouted, “Never work with your hero,” to which Smart responded, “You’re not my f–king hero.”

The duo later returns to wish fans a Happy Thanksgiving while sharing a kiss.

The announcement comes nearly two decades after the duo appeared in the 2005 film, in which Reynolds’ Chris tries to get out of the friend zone with Jimmy Smart, his old crush and long-time best friend.

In March 2022, Smart expressed her interest in pursuing the blockbuster film.

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“I would definitely be up for a sequel,” she told . existing on time. “I hope that happens one day.”

Although Reynolds has not commented on returning to expand the story, he did make a reference to the film during a fun TikTok video in June 2021. Launching his account, the actor danced dramatically and lip-synced to All-4’s song “I Swear.” One. It is a call to just friendsAs his figure swung to follow her into his bedroom.

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