Rehan Ahmed was delayed at Rajkot airport as England visa issues resurfaced – LSB

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England faced further visa problems during their tour of India after Rehan Ahmed was prevented from leaving Hirasar Airport, Rajkot, because he did not have the correct papers.

Sports stars It was reported on Monday that Rehan was banned from returning to India after England’s mid-series break in Abu Dhabi because he only had a single-entry visa. After a delay, local authorities were able to come up with a short-term solution to the footwork problem, with England optimistic that the problem will be fully resolved within the next 24 hours. All the traveling team members and support staff were at the team hotel in Rajkot on Monday evening.

The issue comes weeks after Shoaib Bashir’s arrival in India was delayed by a week due to a delay in issuing his visa, resulting in him missing the first Test in Hyderabad. Bashir, who is of Pakistani descent, eventually arrived on January 28 – the fourth day of the first Test – after initially remaining in Abu Dhabi, where England held their pre-tour training camp, before returning to the UK to get his visa stamped. He went on to make his debut in the second Test in Visakhapatnam.

Like Bashir, Rehan was born in England and is of Pakistani origin, but initially had no problem entering the country due to the visa he obtained last October as a replacement for England’s 50-man World Cup squad. As such, this is likely to amount to a written supervision by the ECB, given that the white-ball team remained in India for the duration of their World Cup campaign, which ended in the group stages.

An official at the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry was quoted as saying: “The English team has been notified that the visa will be processed again, which will happen within the next two days.” Hindustan Times newspaper. He added: “The player was allowed to enter the country with the rest of the team and will appear in training on Tuesday.”

Either way, it is an issue that should not have arisen given the high-profile nature of Bashir’s plight, and the fact that England’s six-day break in the United Arab Emirates between the second and third Test, which begins on Thursday, was on the cards. For months.

Ollie Robinson revealed earlier on Monday that he only received his visa on the morning England initially flew to Hyderabad from Abu Dhabi last month, having heard the night before from team manager Wayne Bentley that a paperwork error had caused the delay. “He said, ‘You’ve been denied a visa or something,'” Robinson said on his podcast. Chat balls.

“There was a mistake at the ECB – I think they must have put in an initial error, or one letter must have been wrong. And it didn’t go through. They were saying: ‘You’re not coming to India – you have to do it.'” Stay here For another night…it could be two nights, or three nights, I don’t know how long it will take.’ Fortunately, I woke up in the morning to a nice text from Wayne saying “Visa is here.”

Rahane has featured in both matches in the series so far, taking eight wickets at 36.37 and scoring 70 runs at 17.80, which included an appearance of 23 at number three in England’s unsuccessful chase of 399 in the second Test.

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