Pro-Palestinian demonstrators chant outside the homes of Biden administration officials on Christmas Day – LSB

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The sounds of unfriendly carolers could be heard singing on Christmas morning, as dozens of pro-Palestinian protesters gathered outside the Virginia and Washington, D.C., homes of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

Sullivan and Austin are President Biden’s senior foreign affairs advisors.

Groups were seen outside officials’ homes early Christmas morning with a large police presence.

“Austin, Austin, rise and shine, no sleep during genocide!” The demonstrators were heard chanting in one of several clips released by the far-left organization People’s Forum, which opposes Israel’s war against Hamas terrorists.

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Pro-Palestinian demonstrators

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators descended on the US Department of Defense. Lloyd Austin and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on Monday.

The organization also called on its supporters to attend the “All for Palestine! Christmas is Canceled” protest in New York City on Christmas Day, and add candles, rubble and materials for the nativity scene.

Other groups also took to social media to speak out about the Christmas Day protests in Washington, D.C

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Pro-Palestinian demonstrators

Dozens of pro-Palestinian protesters chanted slogans in the neighborhoods of US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on Monday.

“Pro-Palestinian agitators are coming to the home of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and harassing him, and the entire neighborhood, on Christmas morning this year,” the nonpartisan group Stop Antisemitism wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter. “We’re not sure who needs to hear this, but harassing a four-star general who has served his country his entire career is not going to ‘liberate Palestine.’”

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Pro-Palestinian demonstrators

Christmas morning in a Washington, D.C., neighborhood was interrupted by dozens of pro-Palestinian demonstrators.

The police threatened to arrest the demonstrators if they did not stop the protest.


It is unclear whether the men were home during the disturbance.

The White House did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

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